Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Listen to Me

It kinda irks me when I am trying to express an opinion or sharing a piece of knowledge but it's met with strong objection or Im being cut half way before I even finished. I mean...come on...does it hurt to actually listen first, doesnt matter if u agree or not? Yes I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it's frustrating because I feel like a sore loser. That sort of conversation is actually begging to be turned into some huge argument if I am equally annoying and equally strong headed as well. But I dont want to do that especially if they are my friends. Then again, I am subjected to being called a wimp or somebody who cant stand up strong against what she believes in or her own opinions. That will sorta give the person a sense of pride for getting a landslide victory.

At first I used to think that hey, maybe the person has a point and I am wrong. But come to think of it, that's bull! It's one thing not to argue and another thing to let ur own opinions be swayed by what others think. At times I have the person's interests at heart when I expressed my concerns and of course, it hurts a little when the person just brush them off without thinking first. But well, I cant force my words down their throat. So now I figured, hey if they dont want to listen...fine....and if they keep intercepting me with strong words and not listening....fine too....but I do not want to disappoint myself...yes myself...by letting them overcome me. I am slowly using the phrases such as 'well, I dont mind'....or 'well..it's my preference'....or..'it's up to you'...not coz I give up, but at least Im upholding my own opinions unless Im proven wrong and Im satisfied with it.

But if things make a bad turn, and my friends need me to be there for them despite not caring about what I said at first, I wont be so childish and say it in their face..'I told you so!' Nobody's perfect and sometimes things dont go as planned. Still I do hope one day, in general, people have a mutual respect for what others have to say whether they agree or not. It's just basic courtesy.

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