Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Prop 8 and Presidential Election

The proposition 8 is hot topic in America and around the world based on internet findings. It's either a Yes or a No and in a nutshell, those who oppose same sex marriage will of course vote on Yes which means that it will overturn the California law which will take away the rights of same sex couples of marriage which have been given to them earlier in May this year.

It is definitely a controversial and most talked about proposition and millions of dollars of donations has been poured in for both sides of the fence.

But from what has been described earlier, it is more than just allowing same sex marriage. Many people argue that it is also about recognising diverse groups of people in America and taking away their rights is infact discriminatory and not giving these people the right to freedom.

In my general opinion, no one deserves to be discriminated based on their religion, political views and even sexuality. Other people's lifestyle, though I may not agree with them, is entirely theirs and unless they are causing disruption to the social order, they should be left alone as long as they are happy being who they are and not to pretend to be someone else that they are not. Why give other people misery by letting them be conflicted between what they should be and who they really are. It's all about tolerance and learning to live with one another in peace and harmony.

Yes marriage is 'sacred' but if it is so sacred, why do even heterosexual couples go through bitter divorce? Marriage is much more than just a union between a man and a woman. The whole focus of it should be about making a marriage work.

Obama being against Prop 8 is a big thing because he is showing his potential voters that if he is elected as a President, he gives assurance to the Americans, like the LGBT group, that he does not discriminate. Now I am not questioning him and he may live up to his promise to give them their rights but we're talking about a Presidential Election here against his contendor who sees a marriage as traditionally belonging to a man and a woman. For all you know, that group itself carries a huge stake in the number of votes so the tactic now is to reach out to as many Americans as possible especially those in the minority groups to 'sway' the votes in his favour. And John McCain will be seen as someone who lives up to his promise by being upfront of what he believes in and what he does not.

Despite all that I have said, I still believe that Obama's lead in the Presidential Elections should be seen positively because I doubt that he is a person who will not promise what he delivers. Isnt that what we want? To have complete faith in your President? He will have the weight of the world upon him and not just America and to not give him the support that is needed, the Americans will only end up jeopardizing their own country they live in. So it's not about favoritism but it's about who can lead the nation the best.

But only time will tell. Right now, the most important thing is that whoever eventually gets elected as a President, should work towards eliminating the need for war and rightfully return the American soldiers in the war torn countries back to their famillies who have been eagerly waiting for their return.

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