Thursday, November 27, 2008

Missing You

Blogging at work just isnt as fun as blogging at home. Here, it's like I am being watched. Because Rahayu is always unusually quiet at her workstation..heh. Who knows in secret, she is surfing porn?

ANyway, if u didnt know any better, my internet service has been disconnected. And this time I cant call them to plead with them to reconnect it back because now they know Im nothing but a bunch of lies. So anyway it is for the better I guess. No I dont mean my life is going to improve tremendously because I would do other things besides being on the net, it means that with the suspension, they wont add in next month's subscription since with the current outstanding amount, I am already having trouble.

2 more wks till I can finally breathe...whether temporarily or not, I dunno. So while pple have been planning on what to get with their bonus, I am looking fwd to paying my bills and get three services reconnected. Yes, 3. Not 1..not 2...but 3. Right now in my thoughts, why the heck is it so hard to get the money that we have earned so hard over the years when we need to use it for emergency? Im talking about my father's retirement fund which we request to get it few months earlier.

It's like a slow process because every now and then, they would send in forms which they require the original signatures to further process our application. The latest one? They said that my father's self employment status is active.

One question. When the heck is my father self employed?!!!

Anyway, the form had to be signed to declare that he is either not self employed or no longer self employed as at which date. Strange..

And my mum cant stop bugging me with the question, 'have or not?!' and not just that, she will repeat her set of questions again to me pertaining this matter despite answering them over and over again. You can say that whatever I told her, if she either doesnt understand or she doesnt want to believe in, forget about her capturing what you have said. It will never be registered in her mind.

Right now, I am slowly dying coz my money is running out so freakin' fast. Sigh, I have to resort to borrowing again which sucks. I mean seriously, it's really a big issue to borrow even though the person(s) knows about ur current situation and is willing to help. Because I dont know when is it going to end.

Hopefully God can help to put a stop on it. By making the central provident fund pple to do their job faster.......

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