Monday, November 17, 2008

Bye 2 My Onlife Personality

As if my life is not miserable enough, they are going to take away one of my lifelines and that is my internet connection. It's like yakking the carpet under my feet and I fall flat on my face...hard.

I know that there is life beyond the world of fantasy which is the internet and that at work also, I have internet so Im not completely cut off. But seriously, *screaming* I am going to die a slow and painful death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I know Im being so drama mama but come on, I have been in this 'world' for the last 6 years. Even relationships nowadays dont even last that long and not even a month. Mariah told me that hey, didnt I want to do more things in my life that are more meaningful? Or something in that line. Yes it's true...but....that is when I have my internet, irregardless of whether I use it or not at that time. It's like..' doing some handmade jewellery right now..oh, how did they do that design? hrm..let me go and surf net and see an example. DOH! I dont have internet. ARGH!!!'

See what I mean?

Sigh...whatever it is, I think I am going to pull through one..last...stunt that may prolong my internet which *gulps* may involve doing something despicable. But desperate people do desperate things! As long as I dont murder people right? RIGHT?!

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