Friday, November 07, 2008

Lost and Found

Sigh, wanna know something?

I actually stayed VERY LATE yesterday night at work until 8.15pm. The longest I stayed was until 7.15pm. And the reason for staying late was because I had to check through as many thick files as I can to make sure all of the payment vouchers and invoices are signed before the auditors come in most likely on Monday. I was like...u gotta be kidding...16 files from 2007?!! My boss was like...we gotta finish checking the files by today and then coz of the frequent interruptions, I could only officially check them in the late evening. By the time it was 7 plus, I was frantically checking through them but I know that it was highly doubtful that I could finish them. I was SO not going to stay until 9pm! And I missed MAJIDE! This Americanised version of a popular Japanese game show. Sigh...that would be such a perfect end to a hellish working day.

And then some fella who promised that she would eventually clean her room and make it more neat and tidy finally lost something. It was definitely a wake up call as to how forgetful she can be at times. Im talking about my own self...duh...and this morning, I thought that I had lost my Public Service Card. I know that it was..well..somewhere in my room...but bearing the thought that I had to pay $50 to replace it and then possibly lodge a police report, I was so stressed out.

Good news is...I found it when I went back and immediately went into a frantic search even though I was feeling hot and tired. I was looking through the drawers and then the bags and as I was searching, I saw this big bag and it dawned on me that it could be inside and lo and behold, it was! I remembered that I chucked it there coz I needed to use the bag that it used to be in. Problem was...I forgot about it totally.

So now, lesson learnt. Number one. Clean room. Number two. Please put the card back together with its original lanyard and place it back in the drawer where it has always been!!! Never...ever..ever...delay!!

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