Poetic Dramas

Please do forgive me I get lost in my blog talking about my next favourite thing to doing nothing which is my love of soap dramas and indie films. It's just something that I like just like how some people love poetry and listening to romantic songs.

I would understand if some people cant relate to them because seriously, if you shove one verse of poetry to me, I may be clueless. Now I am going back to watching anime or animation. Normally, if someone says anime, they would associate it with a bucketful of laughter. But anime has a different twist to them depending on the genre. Currently I am watching a French anime which began like any anime...free and easy...with the children's happy faces playing along the river and then it became a bit darker as it progressed with the arrival of a new boy at the orphanage.

But anime itself is a fantasy that come to life on screen with its beautifully painted scenery and expressive characters. The eyes of a character that turned dewy may look like a simple expression but may symbolise a repressed emotion, deep longing, the start of a budding romance.or a lost love.

As the story progresses, you just want to know more and more. A Japanese anime may be divided into different parts or chapters with each chapter telling a different story. So as I watched two characters that blossomed infront of my eyes and who went through a rollercoaster of emotions and who seemed to have a promising ending, only to have that cut short with a tragic end. Seriously, how can I not wail at that?!

I must admit that not all that I watched, be it tv drama, soap drama, movie or anime, I am pretty hard to please. But when I discover a gem among the high number of sub par drama and movie plots, it's hard to ignore it. I simply like to rant and rave about them.and the best avenue is my blog...coz at least..it doesnt answer back?! haha...

But no, I dont let the high points of these dramas get to me because I know the real world is..well..real. I just cannot help to see how love can blossom so beautifully and then squeal in delight to see two people care deeply for each other whether in the name of love or friendship. It simply tugged at your heartstrings but then, the next moment, everything can turn sour.

So while people prefer to play out these dramatic moments by reading books, I would rather have them played before my eyes..haha. I grew up watching dramas and I wont be giving them up easily. But dont worry, I wont confuse reality with fantasy although do allow me to daydream once in awhile to escape the problems in my life, just for that brief moment.

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