Monday, March 25, 2013

Where Are the Good Men?

I used to wonder how some girls practically get guys pretty easily like after a break up. I couldn't even find one decent guy that have the slightest interest in me..haha. But you know what, I don't let that thought get me. To me, I have my own personal growth issues to work on and also, the universe is simply responding to my inner thoughts. I don't think I am in a good position to pursue a relationship which is hard to explain here. But it's still something that I am open with in the sense that opportunities may present itself, whether I like it or not, as part of life, so I'll just deal with what is coming.

But I'm not here to talk about my sorry state of love life. I've learn that I should not entertain thoughts like 'nobody wants me' or 'I'm not slim enough' because I've seen several times how girls even bigger than me snagged a boyfriend who is on the lower weight scale. Believe it or not, it is not that difficult to get good men because opportunities can just present itself if we work on our irresistibility on the inside and let it shine on the outside.

Of course they are men who only go for looks because they want to look good too. But do you think such relationships will last? I don't think so. Being in a relationship means to be committed in giving your best to take the relationship to the next level where you communicate clearly to each other and nourish each other in terms of personal growth. 

I personally think I still have work to do. I am currently working on being a better person with a more enriched life which of course will naturally attract people, both men and women, and while I think I am getting better, I need to have better control over my emotions. I have the tendency to get myself affected by the environment around me or annoyed quite easily and naturally, I will show my disapproving  looks instead of looking at the situation another way. This of course may upset other people. For example, my mum. She always think she is right and she likes to ramble on and on and she doesn't care whether you're watching tv or surfing the net, if she wants to talk, she will talk..or rather, ramble which is annoying.

But she gets angry if I get annoyed like I'm not giving her the attention. I mean I try to but after awhile of listening to her rambling, I get bored and frustrated because I keep hearing the same old things. Most of the time, I try to listen and follow her instructions like when we go out, but I can't help but be frustrated when she gets insistent she is right.

Oh well, this is one area I need to work on. I mean you're thinking what has this got to do with finding good men? A lot. It's about trying to control your emotions, giving the person your undivided attention and making the situation better instead of whining that the restaurant is crowded, for instance.

I believe if I can control my emotions better, I will have better luck in finding good men because people may find me more approachable. I mean nobody likes a complain queen or someone who sulks because he or she doesn't like the situation they are in right now. I will be like this natural magnetism.

So yah, it's not a big deal for me being a single. I won't say it is my fault that things are not looking good for me in terms of getting attention from guys...some things are just worth waiting for, provided I work on my own personal development, which trust me, I have a lot of issues to work on.  All the best to me :D

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