Thursday, March 07, 2013

Planning for the Future

In regards to making personal decisions, some people tend to get wishy washy about what they want out of their life. They don't know what they want, what they want to achieve and it's pretty frustrating if you hang out with such people because they just can't decide.

I actually used to be like that. I just take one day at a time and just breeze through life without any concrete plans like see how it goes. Of course I have made major decisions before in my life including over life and death but most of the time, I have a take it easy attitude. Although I still think that way, I've learnt that in order to be more of a person and to lead a more meaningful life, I have to take charge of my life and be responsible for it.

I admire those young women who know what they want and they go all out to achieve their dream or they have made plans for the future. While many of them still lead a life pretty much like me such as going to work, buy groceries and coming back home, they also know what they want and have goals in life and work towards them by thinking about them, planning and putting their plans into action.

When I read about them or follow them through the social media, I can't help but admire them and then think to myself, when I was in my twenties, it was pretty much quite crappy although there are some highlights and it  is all thanks to me being focused into getting what I want. But I would say that a majority part of my twenties isn't that fantastic. My friend recently got to know a guy and she has already made plans for the future with this guy from overseas right down to where the children will be born and that she will be moving to the country once she marries him.

I actually did think of my future in the event that I am still single, I will move into a smaller flat such as a studio flat with basic amenities in a neighbourhood where there is a welfare group who will look into the needs of senior citizens. I mean I don't want to die and then nobody knows about it..haha. It's a bit extreme kind of thought but I guess it can be a possibility if you see how there are now many single people in Singapore.

Another future plan that I have is to continue my studies. While I still am toying with the idea of whether I should continue or not, I think that I should. I don't think there is any other way of escaping because I told my boss in one occasion and then she remembered it and told me Vice Principal who then encourages me to take at least a diploma to further my education. Eurgh..why does it have to go that far. Plus I can't say that I have 'no money' because I have saved up for it and there is a pretty huge subsidy provided by the government. On top of that, the balance that I have to pay for, they will reimburse at least 60%.

Now you tell me, do I have any other choice? haha..

But yah, if I want to be able to sustain myself in Singapore where the cost of living is high, I have to do something about it and I anticipate the future to be even more expensive than right now. I remembered how I struggled and had to take up loans and until now, I am paying for it and being called up to pay for my debt by this one particular bank every single day except for the weekend. I would say it's pretty traumatizing even though I do pay them but they just want more and more.

So no more of this struggling me. I want to concentrate on saving for the future and paying off my debt.

I have been watching you tube videos of this wonderful mentor and after watching her free online workshop and many of her videos, I feel like I want to create a life and business that I want which is what she has been advocating for all the women out there. You can visit her website and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed :)

After watching her online free workshop, after so long of putting off one of my business to do list, I finally did it within an hour and I'm so proud of it. I changed I can't into I will.

We all have one life only and we might as well make it meaningful and make use of the opportunities in our way because who knows, what great things we can achieve.

I make support me!

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