Being Miss Irresistible

Yay, I will be posting many awesome posts shortly. I received my healthy performance bonus ( compared to previous years) and while I've saved up most of them for my upcoming studies in October, I managed to get me some new stuffs including craft materials for my online shop and  my scrapbooking hobby and of course, make up items for my other hobby..haha. Fine, it's not really a hobby but more like a personal interest. I believe as women, we must always look good and whether or not you like to be completely dolled up, partially dolled up...the point is, sometimes you need a little bit more help to make you look even better than you are right now.

Yes, enough of justification.

 Early this week, I finally got myself the book by Marie Forleo called Make Every Man Want You (How to Be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!)..phewh..the title is so long I have to google it to the words right. Before I got the book, I have actually been following her videos in you tube and she provides nuggets of wisdom relating to women's personal and business life. So inspirational. 

I was of course excited when I found out online that the book is available at the nearest library! Yay! I also discovered I could actually find out the availability of books right here at home on the internet without going physically down to the library yet to do a search. Yes, after all this time, I'm still clueless about our local libraries coming from someone who doesn't read much.

The book looks very well read and even in the inside pages, someone wrote notes in pencil like she's studying for some test. Not good..because in the first place, this book does not belong to you. I am reading it halfway will do a good review once I'm done with the book.

But so far, how do I find it? Very insightful. While she sticks to her very long title, she did mention in one of her videos that the title is meant to 'trick' women because the book is much more about making guys fall for you. I, sadly, don't have that magic touch but actually, the whole point of me reading that book is not because I want guys to want me even though that will be great...*lol* I just want some help in terms of my own personal development. 

I read about being irresistible and how you must actually throw out that checklist for the perfect guy and keep your options open such as basically being open to the fun aspects of dating. While I do not have a checklist, since I can hardly keep to my own to do list, I do fear the aspects of dating and I have this natural instinct to go into this fear mode if someone I don't know tries to talk to me. But I have learn, not through this book though, to relax and just calmly answer and don't panic easily. I find that people are not as bad as I think they seem. It's not about trying so hard to impress people but being a good listener because they will appreciate it greatly.

Being irresistible is also about to be in the moment like I know I have become a little more pudgy round the waistline and instead of beating myself up, I do something about it. It's about taking action and if there is no way I can reduce my waistline, well...then there are other physical aspects about me that I can embrace. 

She also mentioned that we don't get men falling at our feet because of the hang ups we have. It's time to let go of statements such as I'm not pretty enough, I'm bad at relationships, I'm too fat..basically things I've said personally to myself. But looking at the recent couples I've come across in the malls for instance, one chubbier girl holding hands with a skinny guy and I think that the guy is so sweet to want to be seen publicly with her because people being people, they will of course notice pretty much like me. But instead of giving the stinky look, I think he's being sweet because some chubby girls like me will not stand a chance and such guys go against the type. You know what type..the ones constantly portrayed by the media to be of certain looks.

So while at this moment, I am not looking for a relationship yet but who I am to stop something if it is going to be a good one such as just letting nature take its course. It will also open up to me making more new friends. Even if I don't have every man want me, which is actually quite a scary thought, at the end of it, I just wan to be Miss Irresistible not just to men but to everybody just like one of my friends. She is so irresistible with her kindness and her friendliness, she has many friends for keeps, friends from even back then from secondary school whom she recently went on an overseas trips with. I don't have to look so far across the ocean to be inspired. I just have to be inspired by her :)

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