Emergency Financial Plan

I've mentioned before that this is one of my favourite months apart from of course, the birthday month and December. That is when all hell breaks loose as I go from shop to shop stocking up on things especially clothes because it's the bonus period.

But this time round, I'm trying to be smarter with money. I've tried before and obviously I failed but I am trying my best to pay off as much debt as I can every month while at the same time, saving some stash of cash to fall back on instead of worrying every now and then if I can pull through til the next pay.

I think that all young women must learn to be smart with money. It's a really useful life skill that actually should be developed since young but then you know, it's never too late to start whatever income you are earning. Life can always throw this curve ball at ya and then you'll find yourself tearing your hair out trying to figure out the solution. So I believe instead of waiting for major things to happen before we take action, we should take some precautions which to me, is saving stash of cash for emergency use.

With this in mind, I actually started from December and even though at times, household expenses can get a little out of hand because I have to accommodate to my mum's requests which are frankly, quite redundant at times. But she will sulk if I don't get it. I'm used to it already so if I spend a bit more today, I will spend lesser the next day or two. Plus I try to stick to the budget and buying what is necessary.

Anyhoo, I hope things will continue to progress and I do hope that I don't find myself so low in cash. I know this can be quite a possibility which honestly I may have no control over. If you read my posts, you may note my enthusiasm getting some stash and hoping to save them, managed to save then sh*t happens. But it's part of life. You fall and then you get up and do it again. Much like a spider whose web got destroyed. Instead of sulking one corner, it will make a brand new web.

Money can be useful as long as we use it correctly. It's only evil when we spend more than we can afford to and things get out of hand. Trust me, it is difficult to get back on track but we have to find means to climb our way out of this hold we have dug up. It's not impossible.

 For example, this whole week, I am trying to get word out regarding my online shop and also setting up other online shops with pre-made templates like a real online shop. I need to capture a bigger internet market. So far, it has been working. I've received 3 orders so far which is up from..er..zero order..haha.

I hope this post inspires you to finally learn to save up not for the benefit of buying new toys or the next IT bag but for the future and unexpected circumstances. Good luck! :)

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