Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taming the Frizzy Hair - Moroccan Argan Oil

I don't know how many of you battle with your hair every day and even though I don't really battle with it like how I did the last time, it's still quite a challenge for me because my hair is so freakin' frizzy.

Anyway, I watched this you tube and she has nice long hair and even though I have medium length hair, I understand her battle because her hair is so curly. But I just could not be as committed as her in terms of blowdrying my hair, straightening it, applying cream..oil...and the list goes on...I am, however is intrigued by this hair oil she uses called the Moroccan Argan Oil. I don't know..but the word Argan reminds me of my favourite character on Spartacus, Agron..hehe.

Moroccan Argan Oil

My verdict? I like it although I still come to the conclusion that my frizzy hair cannot be tamed completely. But well, I'll take it still. I have to use it though because to me, it's quite pricey. $15.90 :s and I'm willing to pay the price this time simply because I want my hair to look good. When your hair looks good, you feel like you're looking good as well which is a great confidence booster for me as my self esteem isn't rocket high.

In the morning, I actually used a hair straightener and though it doesn't work very well, it does temporarily give me the impression that I have long luscious hair.

Are you a hair fanatic or you're like, not too bothered but damn, I really need a quick fix and cheap solution. To me, whatever your beauty routine is, it always pays to invest in yourself by taking good care of your looks, your body, your health, your money and so on. Not to show off to the world what a damn great woman you are but because in your heart, you are really one damn great woman. You just need to work it girl :)

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