Loving A New Australian Comedy - Please Like Me

I've been watching this Australian comedy show and I loved it because it's so witty and charming and of course, funneh!! The first time round, I thought the lead character was...pretty odd...like a quirky kind of way...but after watching snippets of the show, I totally got in the groove as he dealt with his mum's problem, his alcoholic elder aunt, his boyfriend, his father and his friends. Yah, the character is revealed to be gay...after he broke up with his girlfriend and got to know his friend's colleague who is this OMG SO HANDSOME guy. It sure was hilarious when his own mother remarked when he met his boyfriend, she was like 'you're so handsome..and you're so.....' in reference to her son. But he's not just a pretty boy. He's so sweet too, friendly, polite to Josh's parents and even Josh was wondering why on earth, when someone with such good looks and good physique will be so willing to kiss him.

This leads me to the next question.

Why can't I be as lucky as him?! We always think that the good looking people will be paired with equally good looking or better looking peeps but that is not always the case. To me, if you really like the person, naturally you will start to go beyond the looks and you start to fall in love with him or her for what they really are.

ANYWAY...you can catch the episodes on youtube posted by a fellow youtuber and hopefully, this time round, they don't take it down like they did the first round. 

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