Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ka Ching Comes Early

Yay, I just wrote a blog post on having an emergency financial plan and then at 1am in the morning, I received an email on how much I would be getting for my performance bonus. And it's a healthy sum..yay!

It's the second most that I received this time round. It could never beat the first one because it was based on my last pay in December which was technically my last pay for working in the company as well therefore it is more than my regular pay. If it that doesn't technical enough already..ha!

Anyway, it's just shy of 0.25 of the full month's pay but me here thinks it's good enough..infact, very good enough! It's truly a financial reward for me for all the hard work last yearr. It came a little early because I was expecting to get it at least the week after. But I won't be going on a spending spree, save for some shopping at the usual haunts like H&M, Forever 21 and Mango, or even get another bag like as if I need another one. It probably won't amount to more than $100 so it's still a mini shopping.

The rest of it will go into my paying for my studies which has been postponed to October. Probably will have to make use of part of the July bonus if there is one. The postponed date is not due to me but the school because they have yet to receive approval of funding from MOE for the course and therefore they can't commit and would prefer to have it started in the second semester instead.

But I believe I should be using this money to pay off some of my debt. I can always earn the money later but having this debt shadowing me is getting to me especially when one of the banks is very very persistent with their daily calls except for the weekend. I hope when I pay them some more this week, it will give me some time to have them off my back.

So people, it always pays to work hard. Some people, as usual, will complain they don't get enough for the hard work they put in but to be honest, in their line of work, if they're so calculative about how much they're being paid, I think they're leaving  passion out of the equation. I do mainly administrative work which can also be daunting especially with MOUNTAINS of paperwork that doesn't seem to diminish. I mean seriously, I can't find passion in clearing that..haha...but you know, you've gotta find joy in what you do or otherwise you're dragging yourself down and it's going to affect the rest of your day. So just get over it and come home and be all chillax.

This week will be so sweeet...I hope I don't screw up!

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