Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Living in the Now

We always want to be something better we keep on harping on that very same fact instead of taking actions to make it better. Why don't we change that concept and take in stride that the present, is in fact, the truth. So if we want to be slimmer for the sake of being healthier, we take stock of who we are right at this moment and make it a point to invest in ourselves and make that much needed change. Instead of saying negative things to yourself that well, we have to be passionately engaged in what we are doing right now, whether is it cleaning the room, reading a book, writing an article...so it makes ourselves more desirable and irresistible to others.

Why? Because we are in control of our life...we are taking personal responsibility. If we think we have put on weight, we take the personal responsibility and take the steps to lose that added pounds because no one but ourselves is responsible for our own being. Don't put yourself down for putting on that weight. The first step is being aware that yes, you're a little pudgy now. Is that it? Don't beat yourself up. Hold that thought that you want to be back at your normal weight and you want to look good and feel good and you focus on that goal or desire instead of mentally bashing yourself up.

You know I've been single all my life and I admit, one of the reasons is because I don't socialize as I'm too scared of meeting with people. But over the years, I've opened myself up a bit more and don't restrict myself to a certain type. Of course, we can't compromise on certain qualities of men such as honesty, kindness, humour, graciousness etc because they are universally desirable qualities that most women desire. We can, however, be a little bit more open minded that some great guys don't necessarily come in the package that we imagine them to be.

In all honesty, being single is not a bad thing. I am not needy in which I feel like I need a man to be loved and complete. I take it as God wants me to do a thorough self discovery because at times, I feel like I'm at odds at myself with having so much to deal with on a plate with this huge responsibility of taking care of my family needs. I also feel like I need to be grounded and discover what I am good at, develop them and overall, be a better person as a whole.

Right now, I am learning to take stock of my life, see what can I improve on, and be a better person in general and hopefully, more irresistible to men out there. If ever I meet a man, I need a man that helps me to be an extension of myself and be a even better person that I have achieved to be to develop further on my personal growth. It's not about making me feel more beautiful...it's about loving me for who I am and being supportive in what I do. Everyone, I believe, has some physical traits in  mind that are desirable to them in terms of the opposite sex. But looks change, our skin change, our body change...but our soul will still remain the same and if he can love me even as my skin wrinkles or I put on more weight, he is truly a keeper.

So from now onwards, I want to treat every single day as a chance to be a better day than the day before because it's all about the 'now'...the present..to be aware and to give myself a chance to make things right whether in terms of health, friendship, family, finance and etc. Fingers crossed :)

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