Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love & Sacrifice

Spartacus: War of the Damned is coming to a close and we have lost two beloved couples...okay, one of them still in question as he fell from battle but not known yet if he had died...while the other, can say with the beheading, he could not possibly survive.

However, their love stories are unique. The parting words were heartbreaking as they head down to battle or separated to fight in battle. One was regretful that he could not give her the life like the mother and child they had seen, although she did not mind because her heart was with this man and his beliefs.  The other gladiator wanted his loved one to live and be happy in the coming days while he went to battle because that was what he was only good at and he had no other life beyond this.

Heartbreaking. The sacrifices you make for your loved ones. You just want to be with each other but circumstances can break the deal and if it so happen that you are separated by death, can you still live a happy and meaningful life?

The heart will eventually heal but the memories will live forever, both happy and sad moments. The language used in Spartacus may be crude at times but they can be beautiful as well though I have to re-watch the scene again to understand because I didn't realize the language of love can be so...flowery.

All good things must come to an end? Anyway, if you learn about the history, you know how it is going to end. Spartacus would eventually be defeated, though his body was never found, ending his Slavery revolt under the hands of the Roman.

What would you do for your loved ones? Would you follow him or her through thick and thin or if you think it would not work out and you are better off searching for your own happiness? While I have not experienced love from a guy, I have love for my family and while I know there are some things I cannot afford to splurge on being a sole breadwinner even though I can, I am happier that the money earned is spent on them. I do of course buy things for myself too except that I have to be more careful which means that I cannot buy those big ticket items including high end make up although I love make up, and better quality bags and clothes or even bags and clothes every now and then.

 I am more contented buying things that will not cause a dent in my budget as long as I can support my family and give them a good life.  I may not be able to give my mum gold accessories or diamond or my brother expensive gadgets like the popular tablets but I can provide them with food, shelter and money for spending.

Thankfully, they are  understanding and while it's natural to wanna have desires for certain expensive items, it is not like if we can't have them, we will be miserable. I believe if we are intended to have them, we will get them.

I still believe love, in any form, is beautiful and can enrich our lives in our personal growth making us better human beings. This is not talking from a romantic point of view but rather, being accepting that love can indeed change a person. It cannot change a person to be worse off because it is up to the individual to make the right choices without a clouded judgment. At the end of the day, being loved is our birth right so don't let anyone take that right away from us.

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