Monday, March 25, 2013

Liking The Best & Worst of Me

I've mentioned before that I love watching this show called Please Like Me from Australia and yah, while I get annoyed at times by the titular character, I actually kinda feel that I'm quite like him. Like here's a guy who is hot, sweet and pretty much interested in you and your life such as your friends and family.

But I would understand Josh's position because this guy is like the go-getter kind like he doesn't waste time showing his interest which can be quite intense for some people who are, well, are not really forth front in terms of showing love and affection. Just look at me, getting a hug from a friend, may me shriek..haha. 

Still, does this mean I just let go of this one precious gem who likes me for who I am, doesn't care if my personal appearance is not as hot as him, or if I am a bit weird at times, because he wants to get to know me, both the best and the worse side of him.

All together now....awwwwww....

I mean such guys are really into you but for some people, such as for me, we may not get used to getting undivided attention from such sweet and hot young guys and we will be in huge denial like uhm..why would he want to know me? There are plenty of girls out there who are much  prettier and slimmer and then he just had to choose me.

Some things cannot be explained. While yah, it will take awhile to let it sink in, eventually, what matters most is whether he genuinely cares for you and like you for who you are, both the best and the worse of you.

Seriously, what would you do if a guy this handsome, with such a hot bod and soaked in the rain, is standing at your door?

I believe that instead of thinking, why does this guy even like me, perhaps we should be more invested in this truly 'different' relationship and give yourself a pat on the back for getting such a great (and hot) guy who likes you for who you are. 

Erm, I still think the gay slurs called out by him during the football game was uncalled for and he just wanted Josh to see the worst side of him. Not cool calling people with gay slurs but I believe that the issue is not that. It's just that Josh still feel rather intimidated by his open-ness. 

I wish they will work things out. No, not because I want him around (k, maybe...) but hey, wouldn't you want a guy who sees the gem in you instead of you always seeing yourself as a diamond in the rough?

So be that gem :)

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