Appreciation for My Handmade Birthday Cards

Two days ago,  I gave my handmade cards away as birthday cards which I've been doing since June because I'm just trying to spread the words around and also kindness around of the existence of humble little facebook page. Actually they were for sales but I couldn't make new cards recently and only managed 3 because the fasting month has started and I was feeling rather lethargic because I had not gotten used to not eating and drinking for the whole day so my energy level isn't that high.

But it's okay, I used the cards that I just started selling and gave them away as cards. Anyway I had been paid in advance for them so they were not given away for free. However my vice principal forgot that she had paid and wanted to pay me again. Even though I was tight on finances this week, I couldn't accept the money because it would have meant that she paid me twice. I was hoping for this business opportunity cum advertising opportunity so I didn't want to lose her trust. I was half regretting my actions but in this holy month, I don't want to do things that will not be kind to my soul.

Anyway, here were some of the cards that I've made and converted into birthday cards..

I like making them because they're easier than scrapbooking..heh...but yah I actually like making what I call as photo montages with a touch of creativity. Their supplies aren't cheap although the patterned papers are pretty affordable but I have to join facebook pages to get brand new or second hand items for less to save munneh.

I'm happy in a sense that somehow they found out that I have made the cards because they expected those generic printed cards but they got handmade cards instead and had thanked me personally. Honestly I didn't quite know who exactly I am making them for but I have the list and I just count how many cards I have to make and then see among them how many are male so I can make masculine cards. You know the ones without pink colours and all the girlish designs. I also didn't expect any thanks because I'm doing it for just a bit of extra pocket money and to have an outlet for my creativity. Just now a teacher thanked me for giving her the handmade card even though I didn't write my name and only the big 'heads' signed on the cards. I had to look up her data and found out today was her birthday..heh.

Anyway, today I think I can make some new cards because I bought new stuffs for cheap. This month I didn't find myself buying anything from the local craft shops although I just might next week when the gst payout comes in. But not much because you know, I still have my debts hovering above me..hrmph.

Once I have made some cards, will update this page. Please come and visit my humble facebook page and the link is below. Many thanks in advance! Oh wait. Maybe you wanna wait until Saturday because I won't be posting new stuffs for the next two days because I will be busy making them.


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