Head Tremors Be Gone!

I had to skip gym last week because I was really sick. Well, I was still functioning but the sporadic headaches made me giddy and my head so heavy. Up to this morning, I still have the headaches or what I dubbed on facebook as 'head tremors' because they really felt like such :S  and it can get unbearably uncomfortable especially when I'm doing work and I'm using the pc. When I get home and after dinner especially, I just plonked myself onto my bed because I'm so tired especially with the head tremors.

However today I managed to go to the gym even though I still have some cough and a bit of runny nose but I was hoping that it will sort of cure my head tremors and I would say that somehow it did :) Yesterday I was still having them though can feel they were going away and after I ate my meds when I reached home after a wedding dinner, I felt tired and sleepy. How could I not? My nose was like a leaking water pipe so a headache was inevitable.

My conclusion is that having headaches is never fun and I often wished that this episode will be over and I'm hoping this coming week wouldn't be as bad as this week. I'm practically not able to do much when I've got these headaches coz they may be sporadic but they can be a pain in the head. I hope from today onwards I can start making some accessories and cards to stock up my online shop. 

Speaking of online shop, I've got one on my facebook but I'm also hoping that I will get to stock up my blog soon with new card designs and accessories. I've also got an up and coming online shop which is not a blog but something like etsy except for this one, I don't have to pay for the listings. I can post up to 25 products but to me, that's more than enough for now. I'm really glad that when I post up an ad on facebook using the free $50 credit from them, very fast I garnered 85 likes :) No sale but at least it got words out of the humble existence of my facebook page..haha.

See, so many things to do but hampered by these terrible headaches :(

Oh well. 

Despite not going to the gym last week, I still walk after work though at a slower pace because I don't want to give up on my healthy regime. Honestly I've gained quite a lot of weight in recent times and it has been so hard to get rid of them. They seem to pile on easier than loosing which causes a big dent to my weight loss plan which I started years ago. So I haven't been very disciplined but recently I really want to and it seem that after about two weeks I've lost 1.5 kg. YAY! That's progress. The annoying *6.6 is replaced with *5.5kg!

I know it doesn't seem much but for me to lose any weight after SO LONG it is a feeling that is out of this world! Somehow I knew I've lost a bit of weight (though I cheekily thought I might have lost 7kg..heh) because skirts seem a bit looser on me. I don't have much of difficulty of the skirt riding up my legs and also difficulty in wearing them..except for that one dreaded skirt which ugh, I don't know how to begin on how difficult to wear it. I haven't worn it this week. Honestly it was already quite difficult wearing it at first when I bought it many years ago but now that slight difficulty turned into a struggle..heh.

Next up, I will put a post that will offer you some tips on weight loss. 

Now I just want to put up a picture of a wedding I attended yesterday...a beautiful couple who had been dating for years and often dodged the 'when are you getting married?' question and now they're married :)

I'm the one in the orange knitted top. There's another picture of us standing and taking a pic with the wedding couple but I looked kinda big in it. I dunno..the dress I bought from was in M size and now it looked big on me..haha. Oh well.


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