My Cupcake Wish!

Few more last posts! Bear with me..I'm on a roll, haha.

Remember my last few posts I wrote about people not owing you a living and how when we wish for something, it may just come true so to me, I actually believe in miracles because you'll never know how blessed you are :)

I've always wanted to try the 12 Cupcakes (contrary to what my brother said, I DID NOT eat 12 cupcakes) and I felt that well, I'm one of those cheapos who won't pay $3 for a cupcake no matter how nice is the frosting or how hyped it is by the media.

But I dunno, I guess it wouldn't hurt to at least try one but going all the way to Bugis to buy just one?! You must be kidding.

So then yesterday my colleague went up to me and said that she brought some leftover food and she had cupcakes by that infamous shop by an ex deejay and I'm like..'12 CUPCAKES?!' and she was like yeah, that's the one.

So I got my hand on them!!

By the way I did not put the tomato and cheese sandwich beside it to compare the size but then, judging from it, you can see how small it is. Anyway it's a cupcake so it's supposed to be smaller than a muffin.

My verdict? I thought it's nice and the frosting isn't too sweet and the cupcake isn't too dry. But I still think $3 is too pricey..haha, now now don't judge me.

If you ask me, I like the sandwich better..haha. It's from Cedele. Goodness, this so called meeting by my colleague's daughter's company sounds like one that we will go too! There's Delifrance pastries, 12 cupcakes and Cedele sandwiches. Why never invite us. It's a beauty company that is in charge of high end make up brands like Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and etc. You think these ladies can finish these all by themselves? They probably take a bite and that's it..haha. 

So bad of me..people give free still poke fun.

I love the cedele sandwich! It's not a halal establishment so if  you are a Muslim reader, please don't go just coz I ate one. The cheese is not like one piece of sliced cheese but this sheet of thick melted cheese. Oo la la. Cheese orgasm. And the bread has a nice nutty taste too.

Aaah..little pleasures in life :)
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