Styling Yourself & Effect of Braiding Hair

I was watching Style Network for the last couple of days and I loved it! It was on preview that means I don't have to pay for it..heh. But I don't always get to watch it because in the first place, Im no TV junkie and it's hard to find myself plonked infront of the tv and my mum also have her own prescribed tv times. 

So anyway I watched How Do I Look? and I don't know if they really made the candidates dress up like that or they really dress up like that. Probably they do wear fugly clothings but it's just taken to the extreme because this is after all a reality tv show. They need to 'up' something to stand out.

But I just like the transformation from before to after. The two episodes that I watched was great although I think for the second one, they didn't really do a good job with the make up. Just my opinion. 

Still the first makeover was da bomb. And the most amazing fact I found out about her? She doesn't own any makeup!!! Honestly which woman doesn't?! My friend keeps saying oh it can cause skin cancer blah blah blah..but I don't see her stop wearing makeup..heh. Honestly you don't need a LOT of make up unless you are a performer or you really need to prove a point or you're a beauty junkie and your hobby is to collect make up items. Even subtle and clever use of make up can help enhance one's look from drab to fab. 

She has gorgeous long legs which she covers them in second hand clothing and oh yah, she spent even lesser time on her hair than on her clothes. Er, I could understand her on that because I used to be one who couldn't care less about my hair but just comb it and I used to just wash my hair with shampoo and that's it. 

But your hair is like your personal crown and you don't even need a tiara for it. Actually can also lah if you are a beauty queen wannabe. I've got long hair and no longer term it as medium length hair although every year I go through the 'snip snip' or like what my friend say, 'shedding'. I always like to go for a fresh look because while long hair can be fab, it's a pain in the arse to maintain especially for my kind of hair that is constantly frizzy. Those non frizz hair products work but usually after a certain number of hours, the frizziness takes over although it wouldn't be sooo bad.

Now I've discovered a trick to cut down time on combing my hair because frizzy hair has the tendency to matt together. 


Jennifer Love Hewitt and her braids
I don't have thick luscious hair although I used to when I was younger but yeah, because of bad maintenance until at one point, I experienced hair trauma which means itchy flaky scalps and lotsa fallout. So whatever I have now is the balance of it..haha. Probably it has grown back again I don't know..can't really tell coz there are a millions of strands for me to count. K, lameness aside..

So what is the point of braiding? There are many looks you can create simply by doing some braiding and then there is this mix of braiding and messy look which can look sexy on you. Best of all, some of the styles can even take you less than a minute to do.

But yeah mine is simply to control my hair. Last time, my friend used to have long hair which she will braid and then one day, her hair was not in braid and was so long and luscious and had nice wavy looks to it and we were all admiring it. So, we asked  her what she did and she said she braided her hair the night before and slept with her braids still intact.

So I recalled that technique and I used it months ago but while it did create wavy looks but not really for long. So I stopped braiding but now I just felt that I have to because in the morning I don't have the time to comb through my mattified hair due to the combination of messy and frizzy hair. I use a narrow tooth comb which is not fancy but cheap and it does the job of detangling the hair. I recently read an article about this celeb who can't live without her brush because it helps to puff up her hair as she hates flat hair. Actually this is a good idea. I think every girl with long hair has a brush except me I think..haha. Maybe I should get one so I get that poofy effect because my hair at the end of the day just look like it went through war.

The night before I braided my hair and I liked the outcome of waviness and less messy effect.

Okay probably you can't really see the wavy effect because my hair's too dark to see. But it's certainly less messy! haha..But yah, really contemplating on chopping off the long locks. Even J Lo has a shorter do now.

Now I also use a leave in hair conditioner. After I wash my hair too, I use another kind of leave in conditioner to make the hair straighter looking because if I don't use this product, once my hair dries, it becomes messy and unkempt looking. Dunno why. But I don't see this product anymore in the! See if I can get a similar product.

So if you're not the type who washes the hair every day, try this method! You'll thank me for it..haha.

Now the next thing I wanna do is to learn to be a little bit more stylish. Honestly I fail in this but I certainly don't go around wearing horrible looking clothes and then convincing myself that I look good in it. So that is why I wanna start this shopping fund so that I don't feel as guilty if I were to buy clothes thinking I can use the money on my family instead. I only buy clothes during certain sales period like the year end but seriously do I have to wait that long and I only will buy a limited number of items.

I don't wish to skip yet another sales with clothing items selling for less than $20 which I can use to wear to work.

Now I'm a little bit tight because fasting  month has begun and I used the weekend to grocery shop for things that my mum can cook. Cost me almost a $100. But at least with that amount, it can provide for us food for almost a week rather than  using the money to buy food from makeshift stores during this period where there will be a variety of food sold at bazaars.

Oh if you don't know how to braid, there are tutorials on you tube you can watch and they can teach you step by step. I learnt to braid when I was younger because I used to have even longer hair than this and before I went to school, I would braid it.

So all the ladies, let's all learn to be stylish from top to bottom. For married ladies, it's one of the ways to keep your man always interested and not have straying eyes. But if his eyes stray no matter what, a good whack will help.

For single ladies, like me, presentation is key in giving someone a good impression. Yes ultimately the winning factor is your personality and how you are together with him like whether or not you can click together but whenever you meet someone for the first time, it's always good to have a 'put together' look rather than an  unkempt look. 

Also a second opinion also can help us especially if we're too blinded by our style which spells crap but we see it as fab. Happens to me too.

Yay to style!

I make support me!


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