Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beauty 101: Affordable Gel Eyeliner (ELF)

I was at first really contemplating on buying the maybelline gel eyeliner after hearing raves about it and then I saw it on discount...but it's the brown colour one. I wanted the black one but it wasn't on discount. Shame on you Watson's! I could have gotten it..hrmph.

Anyway, on that day I wanted to check out the price, there happened to be sales by er..Watson's as well. They were selling NYX, Elf and Coastal Scents products for Smoochiezz which is a retail shop that is only of the one very few sellers of such products. They used to sell it online but now they only have a showroom and every now and then, they set up temp stores. 

So I managed to get my hand on a black gel liner after all and it's not maybelline. I actually did go to Watson's and asked the counter guy to help me check the price and it's $ would have to give it a go lah since I need to standby money for emergency immediate payments like the most recent one where they terminate my internet..again..and I had to pay a second time round. So fast they disconnect. The minute you are overdue for slightly more than a month, they won't hesitate to disconnect you. So it's like payday, have no choice but to pay in full because you know I can't live without the internet.

Getting back on this, so I had to somehow try to save money and settled on the Elf black gel liner instead. I saw one youtube review on it and she seems to like it a lot. Plus it's cheaper. It cost only $9.90 even though I think if you were to go to the original seller and not through Watson's can even get it at $8.90 or something. At least they didn't jack up the price as much as the NYX products. Wow, the round lipsticks cost a lot more!

So here's the product!

It comes with a mini brush which I haven't used it but I think I will save it for other use. I don't know yet. I used an eyeliner pencil to use it as a tool because it's easier? I think I will struggle with the brush..haha.

My verdict? I'm liking it because it has a smooth application although it's a bit cakey but I think with practise, can apply a neat line across the lash line.

Plus it's the cheapest I can find so I can't complain. Gel eyeliners tend to dry quite fast so for someone who hardly use makeup, I don't think it's wise getting a more ex type. But it's essential if you wear eyeshadows because it helps to make your eyeshadows 'pop' a bit more.

Currently they are part of the Watson's sales at Compass Point and also at Plaza Singapura if you wanna check it out.

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