Sunday, July 01, 2012

Down Down Down with Fever

So all the culmination of worries and overworking have led to one thing - me having a fever of 39.0 deg cel and making my head twice as heavy as it was before, and it's not because the brain is getting bigger. Oh no it's not.

At one point I felt like dying and even thought that I have brain cancer *touch wood*. Whenever I have fever, somehow it will get better later and my head will feel lighter but never had my head felt this heavy before even as I am typing this out. I can still walk the talk but need rest every now and then to prop my heavy head..hee.

Anyway, life still goes on although I think I may need one more day of rest if things don't improve by tomorrow morning.

Oh, when I visited the polyclinic last Friday I expect a long waiting time as usual and also because it's Friday which is close to weekend. But when the nurse measured my temperature and it was at a soaring 39.0 deg cel, I was given attention the minute I was registered. I hardly warm up the seat for 30 seconds when I was called by the doctor. Then again judging from my condition, my fever could instantly warm it up for all I know. My legs already felt like jelly but I was alone so I have to be strong. No one to prop myself against.

The only waiting time was for my meds about 15 minutes or so  before I made my way out slowly to the bus stop. I just could not wait to get on the bus so that I could catch some zzzz on it. 

So this is just an update regarding my absence. I gotta go coz my head is begging to be placed on a comfy pillow. Speaking of pillow, only yesterday I can sleep a little bit better than the night before where I kept dreaming of boxes piling up on me. It's like a metaphor for my real life? I don't know. Don't ask a sick person.

Meanwhile, I shall get some rest.

I make support me!

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