Starting a Shopping Fund

I haven't done this for the longest time ever! Starting a shopping fund that is. A long long time ago, I did have such a fund and it doesn't have to be much. $20 can even get you something nice if you know how to hunt for it. Even then, if have to add on, mere few dollars only especially if the item is on sales.

If you follow my blog, you will probably know that I am the sole breadwinner of my family and I didn't earn much but now after the promotion probably it will be slightly better but we'll see because at the moment I have yet to clear my debts.

So! While I am at it, I thought to myself that I should definitely restart this shopping fund. Reason being, I am always doubtful when I want to buy clothes even if the item is on sales. I don't completely stop buying clothes as there are occasions where I would buy dresses from Cotton On when on sales and it used to cost a lot. For their kind of material, I didn't think it is worth paying the full price.

But I'm talking about clothes that I can wear to work. At one point, there was this BEGA sales at the NEX atrium and I really thought of buying at least one top that will cost less than $20 but unfortunately I had to spend $35 on the Clinique liquid facial wash. And there was a make up sales going on and I bought the ELF gel eyeliner because mine totally dried up on me and a gel or cream eyeliner is an essential part of make up. That cost me $9.90.

Then I thought that I would buy the next day and then I forgot about it. When I left work on Monday, it was no longer there ;( I used to remember I would definitely buy something from such sales even if I'm scrimping my money because it is something I can wear for years. Believe me when I say for years because I can really stretch the value of the clothes..and er..the clothes itself maybe when I put on weight..heh.

So I thought no more of this doubt!! Buy means buy! If I could buy craft items, why not clothes? At least clothes I could wear but I can't wear my cards. Probably I will start this 'shopping fund' next week. I will take $10 from what I have now and then another $10 from my GST voucher due to me the following week and then head to...H&M. I believe I can get a decent top from there for work. I spotted one quite some time ago but totally forgot about going back there and getting it. Sigh, gone were the days when I will remember such things. Now I only think of going Plaza Sing to get my craft items even though recently I haven't been buying from the mall and buying from online instead from those hardcore crafters who bought a little too many stuffs for themselves and are selling their items for less. Next week when I get all my stuffs, I will put up the pics. Some of them are quite slow in sending the items but then they're not licensed sellers or something although to me I feel that if I have made the effort to pay them promptly I feel they should do the same for me too. That's just me. 

Gonna start my shopping fund! yay! Actually come to think of it, I may have already started. I empty my loose change into this old starbucks mini cup and I will deposit them into the coin machine when it has quite a significant amount. But then I will use the money to cover what I have spent..usually the stuffs I bought online which require wire transfer. However now I want to specifically use it to fund for my clothes coz seriously, my wardrobe needs a revamp. The clothes that I wear to work are looking er..a little worn out already. And I don't wear dresses to work so for now I think need to put a cap on it since I hardly wear them.

I think I better start a personal notebook soon to start tracking and be focused in life so that I don't spend my time aimlessly because I did mention that in life we should start living and not merely surviving.

Do you have a shopping fund too?

I make support me!


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