Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beauty 101: Affordable Make Up Concealer (LA Girl Pro HD Concealer)

I've been using the ZA concealer for years especially during times when my skin kept breaking out especially around the chin area. Now I won't say it has completely gone away because it still does at times but not as bad as previously. I think my skin will never be blemish free..haha! Oh well, what can I do about it since I can't afford those expensive facial treatment packages. We all eventually grow old one day too.

Anyway, I always read this blog by facesbysarah and she wrote the post on this and I thought, heck why not since it will set me back less than $10 and the coverage seemed amazing. But then again, she's a pro and I'm well..But! But! I have received praises for my make up and I'm so happy because you have no idea how many youtube videos I watched especially by the talented Sarah to get the perfect eye makeup. Still no pro but getting there! off.

So this is mine...

I got in the colour beige. This is the funny bit. I actually just CANNOT find the name of the shade on the tube despite twisting and turning it around like mad. So I just have to use a guess which  one suit me and since there isn't many shades available in Singapore and at that current moment (whenever she blogs on something, the things seem to fly off the shelves!) not many left too so there isn't much to confuse the always confused me.

What can I say about it? The coverage is better than my ZA concealer which still make me look sleepy-ish with my rather dark undereyes. It really does help to brighten my under eye and if I put on a slight bit more coverage if I wear eye make up, it makes my make up pop and my skin looks flawless. When I put on my chin which has several very very light blemishes, it gives good coverage as well.

I'm also liking the price. Originally, it costs $9.80 but it was on discount so I got for $7+ and I find that it's very affordable though as Sarah mentioned in her post, if you buy it online it's cheaper but I always find it is better to share the shipping price with some of your make up buddies or buy them when they are offering discounts online.

I give it a 5/5 rating.

I make support me!

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