Wednesday, July 11, 2012

People Don't Owe You A Living

Don't we all feel like crap sometimes like totally crap that you feel like oh what the heck, why did God put me on earth like what purpose do I serve?

Remember at one point I did write in this way because I felt like I'm suffering as I had so much difficulty trying to cope with the increasing prices and then my pay was pathetic. I want to be grateful I have a stable job but then you know, it was difficult to cope.

Thankfully, they reintroduced the scheme which most of us at one point turned down because we didn't have much information about the scheme and then since many didn't opt in, we also didn't opt in. That is until the ministry announced a salary increase for certain groups of people in the public sector and then, only my group of people did not get. Of course it sucked because honestly I could do with a pay raise judging by how ex things are getting nowadays. Then I guess they heard our voices loud enough that we felt it was unfair because we worked equally as hard as well and about time our salary has to change too for the better. So that was how they did a proper reintroduction on the scheme and now we felt that it was favourable for us as long as we are willing to work hard to maintain good grades. 

Then I also got promoted which add on to the sweet deal. Oh that's not all. Quite recently the government announced that lower scale public servants like me will also get an additional pay raise of $30 and $60. I'm not exactly at the lowest scale so I will get $30 :) That is enough to cover for my brother's monthly allowance from me LOL.

While things haven't dramatically improved as of yet, since I have to pay back some people who have helped me in times of needs and of course the credit card debt, I believe I should be able to get back on my two feet.

I know I've written about this many times but in life, we should have gratitude.

We shouldn't always feel like things are against us and we will never be able to have enough money, enough love, happiness, success etc etc if we keep continuing to feel that way. Sooner or later, we will start to feel lousy and yes, everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong. Then all the pent up anger that we feel inside will start to manifest itself and multiply and we get aunty pushers. This sort of people blame everyone but themselves. 

While yes, not everything can go our way, it doesn't mean that we should stop dreaming and wanting to achieve what we want. If we can't get A, we can get B which can be even better than A. Someone who is successful doesn't necessarily have things fall into their lap. He or she may suffer setbacks, multiple rejections, doors closed at them many times, told many negative things but he or she hold on to that one belief that someday, someone will sit up and take notice and give them that golden ticket to success. Of course one will also have to work hard for it and as long as we don't give up, keep doing what we love and not take to heart harsh criticism and take it as something inevitable (and a mere number compared to the praises and compliments received), we can make it. Simple example. Taylor Swift. Nobody thought a teenager would make it in the country music world because teenagers mostly listen to pop so who gives a hoot about a teenage girl singing country music.

Apparently, many do and even those skeptics have a change of heart when they check her out. You think this is an overnight success for her? No! She didn't have any friends in school because she was so awkward but she had a dream and she followed through them while convincing her parents of her dreams to help her get a foothold in the country music world. 

What about people like us? Start by writing down affirmations on paper so that you can see for yourself what you wish to get. You want more money? You can but first you must think that you have enough money. It always suck to have very little money left and struggling through but don't think of it as a setback. The things we say or do can have a direct impact on our lives. If you think that you will be poor forever, you WILL be poor forever. If you think that you will have no friends, NOBODY wants to be friends with you.

The point is, you must start believing in yourself and convince yourself that the universe and not even your parents owe you a living. You owe it to yourself to make do of what you have and turn it to even something better. Even if you have to sacrifice the time or throw something out to make way for something even better, if it is going to give YOU the kind of life you envision, such sacrifices are nothing but a speck of dust. You have to envision the end product and work for it.

But to be honest, wishing for something good to come along the way can work wonders and give you something that you have hoped into a reality. The year before, I hope to see Adam Lambert live and I did when I won the tickets to see him. It was his first visit to Singapore and it was such an exciting moment in my life. Last year I had hoped to win branded make up products and I won it during a Christmas giveaway. This year I had hoped for a promotion and I got a promotion.

Yes life may not always be a smooth road  ahead for us but it doesn't give us the golden ticket to always be depressed. Sometimes we can't help but feel this way but we shouldn't dwell on them too long. In fact, we should be grateful for the things in our life like our friends such as one of mine who do not hesitate for even a moment to lend me the money or otherwise, I would be served with a heavy penalty for my credit card debt.

Life is complicated but why add on to the complications but constantly being worried and unhappy. Why not make a turnaround for it by wishing things will get better and at the same time, hold on to our hopes and desires and keeping track on them and be positive we will experience success, wealth and fame...okay, maybe for the last one, not all wishes for it but well, somehow we do want to experience at one point, don't we? LOL.

For myself, I wouldn't mind an increase in blog readership. I would want more people to buy my handmade cards and make it a successful online business. I want to be able to make cards almost every day because someone is always ordering for it. For now, I will just continue making and posting them online and hoping someone will buy :)

So yes, people don't owe you a living. Start living on your own terms, be grateful, have positive affirmations and have it in your heart that your wishes will come true :)

I make support me!

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