Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scrapbooking Loot from Moving Out Sales

Yesterday I queued up for an AH-MA-ZING one hour and a half (actually no mean feat coz I've lined up that long for a charles and keith warehouse sales before..heh) just to enjoy the 50% and 30% discounts on papercraft materials from Made with Love. I've got myself a project after I've finally mustered the courage to ask the vice principal of my school that I volunteer to make cards for her to give to the teachers for their birthdays. She says can because she spent 'thousands' of dollars on it. Thousands? Will I earn that much too? Heh. I'm doing it out of publicity.

Speaking of which, I forgot to bring home the camera from school which I'm supposed to use to take photos of my card. Le sigh. No matter what I will still officially start my shop on 1st May. Yay!!

So while I'm not one of those hardcore paper crafters, and not really good at it, I believe I am still in a good position to just believe in my designs. Sounds like some tagline of an inspiration postcard.

Anyhoo here are my stash. Not much coz I don't have much moolah to spend on so I just plan ahead and think of what I want to buy rather than picking up random stuffs just coz they're pretty.

The whole loot. I had to add 2 more items to enjoy the 30% discount for new arrivals. Not that I'm complaining.

Yes..die cuts! What I've wanted. I tend to buy if they have plenty inside not just a few. It's like bulk buying.

Sticker sheet. Ironically, I watched a video at night later and it featured this sticker as well!

These two items cost $3.90 each before discounts. Small and cute and they add interesting details.

I'm always in awe of what people can manage to pick up just like in some clothing sales or shoe sales. It's like they just know what to choose while people like me will be hunting high and low on what suits our taste. But sometimes you just have to open your mind a bit in order to be more creative and diversify your tastes for a more interesting look or combination.

Can't wait to start using them. Yay!

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