Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life 101: Don't Bring on the Hate

You are stronger than you think. When faced with adversities, we can easily think it's the end of the world. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions but its really sad when they use their negativeness to influence other people and bring on the hatred towards people who meant no harm to them.

Everywhere you go, there is bound to be discrimination. Basically if you don't fit into their idealistic world, you will seem to be like an outsider. For me, I've gone through a lot when I was younger so I know what it is like to be an outsider. That is why I don't quickly form my own judgments being always judged wrongly and then not given the opportunity to show them who I really am. 

Even then, I used to be one of those people who tend to stereotype others because everyone seems to think that way and to think otherwise will seem strange and...different. I am easily influenced by what others think and is quick to agree with them.

But as I grew older, I learn that not everything that is hated or condoned by others is meant to be hated. We don't always have to agree with what others think or what others do. Let them have strong opinion about something but you don't always have to join them in their opinions especially when all they feel is hatred towards somebody else who have no form of influence over them. 

Personally, I have nothing against homosexuals but in Singapore, it is like some kind of disease. And no, I am not of those girls who enjoy seeing gays make out because it's a turn on. Pfft. I just think that well, they are entitled to live on their own terms and basically they're just human beings with their own personalities and we are all different from one another just like you may prefer black and I may prefer pink colour. Don't have to turn up your nose against them. Their sexual preference is theirs.  Not meant for you to criticize.

Like I said, everywhere we go, we may face discrimination at workplace, at school, public places and etc. Even in a liberal country like America, not only do discrimination exist, what is even worse is the violence that can take place born out of this extreme form of hatred and discrimination. Then, these people don't have a single form of remorse and continued to be let off the hook even though what they have done is morally wrong such as injuring or killing the victims.

So if you're one of them who belong to the category where you often get picked on just because you're 'different' from them, don't think that this the end of it. There are other people who have moved on in life and even find happiness because they don't let their lives be dictated by the haters.

It Gets Better :)

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