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I have been contemplating on cutting my hair like I always do every year..okay fine, up to last year where I kinda grew sick of my long hair. It somehow get in the way especially when I feel that I just couldn't maintain it. I don't have that much moolah to go for treatment whatsoever and God forbid, me colouring my hair which means even MORE maintenance work..haha.

I just like to have a fresh look but then I will quickly realize that while I don't mind the convenience of having shorter hair, my face looks rounder with that length of hair. Then I quickly wish my hair will grow out quickly and while previously, it does, nowadays they take a loooong time to grow to a favourable length. I think my hormones are slowly depleting due to older age now.

Anyway, I guess somehow longer hair looks better for me but oh, the frustration of maintaining it! Why can't my hair be as well behaved as a majority of girls. So freakin frizzy although it will get tamed just a tiny bit when I wear good products like for example loreal anti frizz. But only for a few hours. Then I have to physically run my fingers through to keep the anti frizz shape.

Seriously how do girls do it? It's so hard you know. But then again, being a guy also has its downside when it comes to maintaining the physical appearance. While we used to think girls spend even more time preening themselves, honestly if you check out the gym, the guys also have to live up to some sorta expectation such as build up muscles so that girls like me can gawk at them while working out. Or blame it on Jacob from the Twilight saga. Kidding. Most of them are so young, I feel like a cougar if they ever caught me gawking at them.

My hair looks totally different from the one you see at the top of this blog. Now it looks like this...

The big nose is in the way again.

Pardon the tired face...I is so shagged after work.

Okaylah, maybe not much of a difference as I've mentioned that due to older age now, my hair takes a longer time to grow out. I guess I've been contemplating because recently, I used a different shampoo solution from a brand I've used for years. I. Hate. It. I should stick to the usual solution which is the Sunsilk smooth and manageable range. It does live up to its expectation of being er...smooth and manageable. I actually am currently using the solution for damaged hair even though my hair isn't damaged. Go figure.

So how now brown cow? To cut or not to cut? Sigh. Otherwise, I'll just have to wait to finish up this shampoo before switching back to the usual one. Talk about being adventurous.

Oh yesterday I actually tied two pigtails (is there any other words to describe them?) because I wanted to have the cascading curls when I wake up in the morn. Er, I ain't see any cascading-ness but at least my hair doesn't become so frizzy. Hence why I bothered taking pics of them because I feel so pretty today :) But then again, it does have the wavy looks..somewhat. I guess it will work slightly better if I apply some anti frizz solution prior to tying them up? We'll see.

Whatever it is, my hair has character and frizzy or not, I love me hair :) It doesn't look over treated, over coloured (it is still in its natural black colour) and best of all, it still looks very natural. So me.

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