Free Make up from a Colleague :)

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules and Mac Lipstick

So blessed! At one point I was almost beating myself up (not physically of course) on why I just had to settle for the Bobbi Brown's beauty rules make up palette when OMG, I'm knee high in debt. I could have just settled for the lipstick.

But you know what? I got them all...for free! A total value of $35. You tell me, do people give away brand new make up for free just like that?! 

Simply wow. She kept insisting that I don't have to pay for it. I don't believe such kindhearted people exist. Simply can't. Even though I can't really stand some of the boys at my workplace which is also a school by the way, I am happy that I am working along side such kindhearted colleagues. Truly appreciative of it :)

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post, she got for me the Bobbi Brown's beauty rules makeup palette which is for beginners but I think it should be all good for non pro peeps like us. Like hello, it's Bobbi Brown. It also contains the popular rouge pots aka lipsticks? Oh yah, I also got the mac lipstick. My first eva original mac product! *grins*

This coming week, I will be giving a bunch of my makeup stuffs to a friend as I have been destashing quite a lot as I felt I don't think I needed that much. I didn't charge her such as making her pay at least half price. It's all hers. Of course she is very happy and I'm also happy because in returned, I got these :)

So just a thought that well, good things will come your way if you are able to help out or simply display your kindheartedness and you will be duly rewarded.


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