Driven by Desperateness

Few days ago, I read an article about how a pastamania outlet manager was jailed for a week for pocketing the money from sales that were either unrecorded or deleted from records. I believe he probably had a sob story that gave him a mere one week's jail term for theft and I'm not being sarcastic here regarding his story. 

He did it to support his family. It's not like other news I hear about people who embezzle huge amounts of money to supplement their so called luxurious lifestyle or are just greedy even though they are earning a lot already.

I could understand where he is coming from. An incident also happened recently where a public transport staff was being dishonest when a student gave him a wallet he 'found' that contains a stash of money close to a $1000.

Now I don't condone thefts. I still think what they have done is wrong. If they are in need of financial assistance, there are a number of organizations that can help them. I just felt I knew what they are going through because personally, it happened to me before two years ago. What is past is in the past so I shall just leave it there.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. But whatever it is, don't put yourself in a fix that will ruin your work potential especially when a jail term can mean you will have difficulties finding a job in the future. It will make our current tight situation even worse off what with no job instead of being employed and actually earning money to support the fam. Sometimes we think of the situation now and not the implications later.

This piece of news may escape many people as so much attention was on the scandal involving the public servants or they're probably think that he deserves to be jailed. But sometimes people do things not out of sheer joy but they were driven by a desperate situation in life that an innocent person can be tempted to do as he or she may feel that there is 'no choice'. Still, as I mention I don't condone theft as reason being, it may ruin one's future if one gets caught. Also we do have choices in regards to getting the help we need and sometimes we just have to put up a brave front in order to get the help that we need.

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