Monday, April 16, 2012

Loves Knows No Boundaries

I thought I would do a quick post before I retire to bed. I just watched a simple but very sweet marriage proposal between two unlikely people proving the notion that love knows no boundaries. I know they will probably get a lot of flak for it especially those who have nothing better to say than say cruel words but whatever it is, this is a couple who is truly in love. 

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about my idea of a marriage proposal. I wouldn't think that I am the marrying sort and it has nothing to do with how I look and how unsatisfied I am with it. I sincerely believe that if a person loves you, he or she should love you for who you are and not whether you are fab looking or has the most impressive personal background. Nobody is perfect and if the person is willing to accept you, flaws and all, love goes beyond race and everything else.

My friend though, thinks otherwise. She keeps insisting that I get married so that I have someone to take care of me and my family. While I think whoever I marry, we should go through thick and thin together, but I feel that I shouldn't make the person feel that he is obliged to attend to all my needs including my family burden. He would probably run away..haha. I should need him as a pillar of support and not as a convenient point to get me some financial support especially you know, I don't earn that much.

I guess I am still capable of taking care of my family. Sure they are my number one priority and hence nowadays, I don't really think much about my long term single life. Also, I don't really socialize much so it's nothing short of amazing why I've never had a boyfriend.

Anyway, enough about me. So yeah, she said that I worry too much about how I look and my physical appearance that I am not willing to give love a try. Uhm, I actually wouldn't mind getting to know guys and I always believe that if a person is kind and sincere, he shouldn't give that much of a damn as to my appearance. I know I'm not very pretty and I'm not slim but if all he wants is someone who is pretty and slim, I'm sorry but he has to look somewhere else..haha. I think when the right time comes along, I will meet some guys and eventually we'll hang out like watch a movie or sing karaoke together.

While being a typical girl, there is always this sense of dissatisfaction with how we look even though I take my hat off to girls who are really really confident despite not being in the typical mold of an attractive girl. We may deny it but hardly any girl is 100% okay with how they look. While a majority can get away with it because their personality is so contagious, some girls like me have to rely on building up a good reputation and confidence level which I tell ya isn't an easy thing to do but we'll get there slowly but surely.

So going back to the idea of love, that it does indeed transcends all boundaries and it's always lovely to see two people in love and wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. Sure there are some things that may annoy the other half but overall, he or she should make you feel special and is willing to see you beyond your looks and making you feel like you're on top of the world.

For girls who are single just like me, well as I've mentioned before, the right person will come along and you will just know it. Meanwhile, stay true to who you are and believe in yourself that you are special enough for someone to love you and be with you.

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