My Little Card Shop - New Online Venture!

 So egg-citing!

I have finally set up both facebook page and blog for my new online venture: selling handmade cards and in future, my own line of handmade accessories :)

I won't say they are over the top or top notch production even. Simple, yet meaningful. Of course in future I hope to build up on this foundation so that it will progress further and will also improve on my designs. Just like any other business online or otherwise.

Please visit the facebook fanpage! And let your friends know about it as well. Currently available in Singapore only as I have yet to test the market for overseas. 

Facebook Fan Page My Little Card Shop 

However, you can visit the blog which can be viewed internationally or if you don't have a facebook account. If you are from overseas and still wish to order, you can still drop me an email available on the blog and I will reply to you.

I have only managed to put up the birthday cards. Within these few days, will work on posting up the other cards.

My Little Card Shop

Please support it! Thanks :)

follow me at


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