Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Charming or Cocky?

I know this is going to sound a little bit silly but a guy who is too 'cocky'..which basically means too overconfident..now now don't get the wrong idea...or a guy who is just too smooth with his words and trying to razzle dazzle you with sweet words, they don't impress me.

I also know that well, generally when guys want to woo girls they put on their best charms. But when they start to act differently when around you especially after they know they have managed to capture your undivided attention, that's when I find it irritating especially when they have moved on to the next target.

These kind of guys will end up loners because they actually become unhappy inside as they just don't know what they want in a girl. Sure they want attention and they want some sort of ego boost to convince themselves that they are capable of charming girls. But at the end of the day, as they move on from one girl to another, who has truly captured his heart? Most girls are just too happy to be pleased especially when they are showered with gifts and sweet nothings. But not all of us are like that. Sure we want to be loved but we don't want our hearts to be played.

I term these kind of guys as smooth operators. They can melt a girl's heart just by staring adoringly at them and then telling them that they are the most beautiful girl they have ever seen. Colour me a sickly green because it takes a lot of convincing on my part if they ever tell me that. Not that I think I am not pretty, I just think that well, there is only so much sweet nothings that I can tolerate with..haha. Those words will become so mushy, they become like some regurgitated vomit. 


But seriously, there are also those other guys who don't really need to go all out to impress a girl. They just have this natural charm and they don't have to exaggerate. They just have 'it'. Honestly they can just stand there, smile and that's it. I'll be all goo the next instance.

Currently I am watching a mexican drama and by golly, this guy just simply melt my heart...

he is pissed off here..but can you really tell?

Aah yes, the compulsory crisp white shirt.

Dimple face!


Sure he doesn't have the chiseled jawline like Matt Bomer and striking blue eyes and of whom I will always see as the most gorgeous man on earth. 

And uhm, he's a bit skinny for my taste. If this guy is standing next to me, I will feel like a glorified papaya.

But when he smiles, okay even when he's looking pissed..which to me is still so charming looking..hehe, I am just so smitten by him.

Speaking of his smile, he has to die for dimples. DIMPLES ON A GORGEOUS MAN!

Need I say more?!

You're probably thinking gosh, I really go for looks, don't I? Well.....looks certainly isn't everything. Come on, even I admit I am not a looker. Just like my initial reactions to certain guys, even for this one whom I think is pretty skinny and the hair's a bit curly wurly, once we get pass certain things that we don't really like, somehow our heart can be easily captured even if it is not the case of love at first sight.

So don't turn up your nose on those couples whom you think are so incompatible because the guy looks like this or the girl looks like that and so they just don't look right together. Love goes beyond looks although I admit, that it will take awhile to get used to seeing something different from our expectations but what matters most, is if we are truly happy with the person whom we are with.

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