Young Lives Gone....Safety Measures to be in Place

It shouldn't have happened. Two young lives lost because a safety protocol wasn't in place to ensure there was no oncoming train while they were doing their maintenance work on the rails. It's the saddest thing to know and even though we don't know them personally, we grieved alongside their families and friends because this shouldn't have happened at all for two people who just joined the service recently and were going on the job training. 

But like what had been said by Mr Lee Hsien Loong, we should keep our speculations to a minimum as investigations are on-going although I didn't like what I'm reading such as knowing no measures were done to warn the oncoming train. In the line of duty, we may sometimes disregard safety as we might think that nothing could happen or that it can be quite a hassle putting safety in place but in any circumstances, just a small or simple action on ensuring safety can help in leaps and bounds to ensure nothing bad happens. 

I hope that during their investigation, they should go into details what are the lapses in their safety regulations to ensure such tragic incidents do not ever occur again. But it also highlights the fact that the maintenance workers have such high risk jobs while we, on the ground, complain about frequent train breakdowns and what not. I also hope that after this, we are more sensitive to the well being of these people in this service line who ensure that our traffic journeys are smoother and safer. They bear the brunt of our unhappiness when a breakdown happens and are so calm and patient in directing the heavy flow of human traffic and addressing our concerns even though the fault isn't theirs. 

A salute to these service line people and hope that no more of such tragic incidents happen again in future as heavier safety procedures are put in place to protect the lives of these people.

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