Thursday, March 10, 2016

Missing School Life but Planning Ahead in Education

So today will officially be two weeks since I last took the papers and to be honest, I'm missing school. It had always been a rush for me to leave work and then waiting for the train during the peak hours, squeezing in for both lines and then having to do some balancing act as I hardly have poles to hold on to and risking falling over.

Okay, perhaps I don't miss the train rides, lol..

But school wise, I do miss it. Fine, I actually miss the lessons more than the test, projects and exams because they are stressful to the max. Like in every story, there is a beginning and an ending. I hope to re-open this chapter again in another institution which is much further from where I last studied but with better future prospects. I am giving  myself 3 years to accumulate some funds without resorting to borrowing and I thought that if I could somehow come up with the money to pay for this education, I believe I can do this too.

I want to take up a degree in business from UniSim and since it's recognised by the government and working in the government line, this degree will be useful for me. But I need at least $15K in order to support my education over there which is why I needed to accumulate the funds first, perhaps for $10K at least and I will come up with the rest later. That will also mean, I have to be more wiser in terms of spending of moolah and then saving also if I were to have the financia means to go that far. It's not going to be easy but I do not think it is impossible. I need to find ways to make money, legally of course, but to do all of the above mentioned, I need a lot of self discipline as well. 

Hope God give me strength in this area as I continue to stay laser focused in achieving this dream of mine.

Meanwhile, let us reminiscine my former schooling life, some of which you might have seen in my previous posts, but they tied together with the theme so here we go again.

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