Tougher Financial Times Ahead..But I'll Manage it

I've been writing in my hardcover notebook which I didn't intend to buy, coz like I need another notebook, but I wanted the paper bag to put in a box card. I didn't write on it every day but I find it better than having to start the laptop, log on to blogger and type away as compared to opening a page and start writing pronto.

So yesterday, I wrote about how nervous I was about whether I would be getting the performance bonus. Then an hour into writing, I finally go the email and I thought for a moment, I was even lucky to get the email and then when I looked at the amount I received, I was so disappointed. I knew that it wouldn't be as grand as last year knowing that my boss wasn't very good to me. Also because I accidentally read a report and it wasn't a glowing review about my performance. So I was somewhat mentally prepared but nevertheless, still disappointed. It was the lowest percentage one could get as compared to not getting any. 

But whatever it is, she's no longer there and this year, I have it a little easier with the new boss even though I wished she wouldn't keep asking me the same questions and talk a lot. But I leave that post for another day. Besides the mental preparation, I've also been rather careful on my own expenses because I want to save more money and knowing that this year, I may not have it as good as last year financially. Even though there were occasions I have to clear some outstanding amounts, I didn't fall back too hard.  

I just want to put this episode behind me and even though the amount is pretty dismal, I still have to stash some cash away and sacrifice not buying the things that I wanted to buy with the performance bonus. It's not as much as I would like to but it's better than nothing I suppose. I would still use some to pay off some outstanding bills too as I want to aim to reduce my debt this year. There will be a time and place for me to buy the things that I want out of leisure but not of importance at this moment like a new bag or new make item.

Also, who knows, because of this circumstance that I am in, I would push even harder to bring in revenue. Let's put a positive spin to it and I don't wish to dwell on it too much today because I'm done being miserable about it yesterday.

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