Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our Second Shopping Trip to Johor Bahru! Plus Some Long Queueing

My friend decided on a whim, I suppose, that we both would make a one day trip to Johor Bahru which is across the causeway from Singapore on a Saturday. And this mind you, was just after her almost one month trip in US. Where she gets the energy from? lol..but she has a travel bug in her so can't blame her.

Anyway, it was quite an oversight on our part because when we were at the causeway, there was such a huge crowd!!!! OMG. Never seen like this before. I mean I've been in lines before but this was way way WAY too long and so much so, there isn't quite a line. It was like a mass of people congregating for a concert except that these people weren't as excited but bored and disgruntled.

Oh friend came to the conclusion that it was the school holidays and duh, I worked in a school and how can I overlooked this?! Haiz, so there we were stuck in the queue and the queue cutters were getting on my nerves. But what can I do coz I was tired and famish and I was leaning on my friend's luggage trolley, which seemed like a joke at first coz we were not even staying, turned out to be useful later on. It was great as a crutch too for super tired and grouchy me.

It reminded me of the time when I queued up for LKY's memorial for almost 6 hours late late late at night where the air was still but over here, it was a bit more comfy as the place was air conditioned. So I didn't feel like fainting except that I kept myself motivated with thoughts of food that we were fully going to go for first thing when we escape this hell hole.

Anyway, escape we did and it really slashed our shopping hours..hrmph. So we had to make it chop! chop! We had a rough idea where and what to do there like my friend definitely want..I mean..NEED shoes. I need food, lol.

We had our lunch at Nando's where she shared her good news that she had been promoted to manager. Wow!! Never will I imagine myself to be a manager in life but heck, my friend here is one and I'm so happy for her! Good things always happen to good people. Sure everyone goes through their fair share of ups and downs and my friend is no exception but I just love how she manages her life and take things in good stride and have such a big heart. God bless her.

After our lunch, we had our favourite Auntie Anne's pretzel coz it's so freaking cheap in Malaysia compared to ahem..Singapore. We bought it at a special offer of 3 for 10 Ringgit. I treated her to the pretzel just coz I wanted to :)

Then we were off to a nearby supermarket to find chocs for my mum in a particular brand but unfortunately, there wasn't any so there was no time to waste and while eating our pretzels, we move on to the whole point of being

My friend bought some shoes and I bought one pair of minty coloured sandals which I loved and bought for 20 Ringgit. The clothes are more ex though and I would rather buy from Cotton On Singapore than in Malaysia. I think they also know Singaporeans love going shoe shopping here so there was so many shoe shops. It's just a matter of finding that gem of a shoes coz honestly, most shoes are not that nice looking, lol. But trust my  friend's eagle eyes to spot nice heels for herself. 

Then she proceeded to do her manicure and pedicure which would take her an hour so I had that whole hour to myself. I went to Popular and bought this big roll of foam tape for my crafting and a brush. After that I was too lazy to walk around so I chilled at Coffee Bean drinking my favourite iced chai tea latte. The service was pretty slow though there was not a crowd but oh well, at least I got to plonk myself somewhere and enjoy the free wifi :) yay, connected to civilization, haha..

I think I got carried away coz I got a message from my friend asking for my whereabouts and I quickly rushed back. She got more shoes and I got me some clothes, actually just one for myself and some shirts for my bro and then some food for the fam.

We had dinner at another of our favourite when we are in Malaysia and that is the Old Town White Coffee. Though we weren't really hungry coz we had a late lunch, my friend was worried we would go hungry later coz we might have to queue again like earlier. Oh boy.

We had just just enough time to go to mall nearby and find that elusive chocolates for my mum or forget about coming home, haha. My friend went shoe shopping again and I separated from her to go a supermarket after asking for direction. I finally got it so can go home, yay! Just when the mall announced that it was closing.

After that it was another hour of queueing, sigh...and halfway through, my friend felt a little unwell coz she said she ate a bit much just now. I made her eat a sweet and thankfully, the queue wasn't as bad as earlier although my feet were hurting lots coz of the sandals I was wearing which was starting to get more uncomfy but I had to hang in there.

I got a bit lost later on when I had to step out of the queue for the bus to Singapore to go to the toilet and I couldn't find my friend even though I walked up and down the single line at least 3 times. I started to panic and there was no way I could contact her. Then I figured she probably was right at the front coz I took awhile in the toilet and she wasn't at the back either. So I was right. I had to detour a bit to get to her and I actually wanted to re-queue and my friend was thinking, are you crazy?! luckily I wasn't beaten up for cutting queue coz they were too tired anyway, lol.

We managed to find a good seat right at the back of the bus that gave enough space for her trolley bag. It took a while to get to the Singapore checkpoint and all we wanted was to get a cab home once we clear the customs. Luckily taxis weren't so hard to find although the taxi driver was pretty picky about the passengers and was willing to take us just coz we were going to two places. The earlier people weren't very happy though.

We divided our things in the luggage, which I shouldn't make fun of anywhere in the future for a similar trip anymore since it was so useful, and then called it a night.

What an adventure...queueing. Oh and shopping too. Sometimes I wish I have a decent pair of feet that I have no problem in finding shoes for but oh well, it's just my shortcoming. Other than that, what I love most was the company I'm with and buying things for the fam and buying a nice top that got my mum's approval. She didn't like the other one though but yah, it's also one of the reasons why I don't quite fancy shopping for clothes coz she is very particular about it. 

Next time, our game plan is not to go during the school hols or even the public hols. Never ever. We will return though, one day but I would wanna go further KL. Yay, future plan.

Meanwhile, enjoy the mostly food pics below!

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