Graduation Looming Ahead..Coz I Passed My Last Module!!

Last Tuesday, I got my results, albeit a bit later than the rest of my classmates because I was in the shower and when I checked my phone half an hour after the release of the results, I had over 76 messages!! I was confident that I would at least pass but it's a matter of what grades I was going to get only. I had some technical problems initially accessing the website and then had trouble viewing the results until I clicked on the academic transcript and had to scroll to the bottom as it was the last module.

Well, I was happy no C again, yay!! I actually didn't do so well for one of the tests that I got a C grade. And I didn't want to get a C as a final grade and knowing that somehow, I would manage to pull up my grades as I always do, I did what I can to ensure I am not disappointed with the final outcome. Even if it meant isolating myself, studying long hours in the library and absorbing as much as much as I can. But come to think of it, even if I got a C, albeit some disappointment, it is still a determining factor in me getting a diploma in May, which should be the ultimate goal, and not if I got As or Bs or even Ds. 

The point is, we all who stayed until the 5th module, didn't give up. Sure our numbers have since dwindled down as the course gets harder and harder. Time management is also an issue for me as I'm juggling with running an online shop. Then my own learning disabilities of understanding concepts sometimes take a toll on me as I worry about how much can I remember and how can I learn within a short period of time. But every time, I am confident that God will help me though these difficult times like when I almost give up doing the 1st module when I had to do oral  presentations and excel formulas which I struggled with. How business law was a pain for me as people seemed to understand the lesson concepts well during tutorials while I had no freaking clues. In the end, I managed to get an A for Business Law despite my dismal test results, getting a B for my Management even though I had failed the test with just 7 marks and then getting praises for my final oral presentation as a group. I learnt on my own the excel formulas and getting them right so I wouldn't struggle anymore during lessons and eventually got a B as my final grade. These are all my achievements.

I am proud that I have come this far and even though I could have gone further with a degree, I thought that the next best thing that I can get is a recognised diploma, it is good enough for now. Of course I have big dreams of achieving more in future like getting a degree but we will take one step at a time.

If you think working full time and studying part time is hard, you are absolutely right. But it doesn't mean that it can't be done. I had thoughts about why I put myself through this like as though I absolutely need it, but I know I do need it for a better future. So tell yourself that now. Don't do it for now only, do it for the future. Every struggle that you go through now will be worth it. And I'm speaking from the truth and my own experience :)

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