So Is this Finally Over?

If you ever read my blog, you would probably guess that I'm currently crushing on one of the gym guys since like middle of last year. He's just someone who comes in every Sunday, and Saturday too coz he was there too when there was one time I changed the day. I dont know what exactly is charming about him coz he doesn't even talk to anyone, except for that two occasions and that was a really quick one and for the first time, I saw him smile, like orhmagawwd. 

I was still toying over whether I should end this crush once and for all knowing that it's an unhealthy obsession although I secretly wished that he would chat with me. But if he doesn't chat with anybody there, what gives for him to chat with me instead, you know. Then after that I would go back and forth with being okay for him to chat with me and then totally want to forget about him and just go to the gym for the sake of keeping my health in check. After that, I see him and his to die for biceps, and I am back in the game of stealing glances of him.

But I think now it may be finally over like I don't think I am ever going to see him again. It's been 3 weeks since I last saw him. Even then, the last time ever I saw him,, he came around 6.30pm and I was going to leave once I was done with the machine. He came in a hurry and I was so happy, inside of course..can't show on the outside for obvious reasons, lol.

When I left, for someone who largely ignores my presence, kinda see him looking at him from the other end of the gym and I swore I could have died inside. Alas, that was really the last time. I couldn't come the following week because I would be having exams the next day. But I don't know, he might not even come on that day. Then I was excited to come back go the gym afair ter not seeing him that day and then he didn't turn up. I already knew it because he would leave his helmet at the top of the locker. Today was the same thing and I was disappointed again.

Then it got me thinking. Could it be finally over. For all you know, he might be using the Safra gym instead and since he got his own motorbike, transport isn't an issue. Or he could be working on Sunday as well being in the air force. I dunno...but I think it's high time I move on too, you know what I mean. To harp on something that will most likely not happen and to keep thinking about him almost every now and then. It's really getting unhealthy. 

Out of sight, out of mind.

So if you're not coming back to the gym anymore, I guess it's for own good too. Of course if you come back again, I would still be very happy, lol. I mean as long as I keep it real and just enjoy what I see, it's all fine and good. But if you're not coming back, I'll be fine too.

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