Saturday, March 05, 2016

Birthday Meet Up & A Chance Encounter

Last Wednesday, we had a mini dinner cum birthday celebration with my former project group and it was so nice to see them again and honestly, there were two of my favourites and not because I am being biased but they are really helpful and they don't judge for sure. I like it when people see you for who you are and take the time to get to know you, rather than making a quick judgment with sweeping assumptions. Long story, haha..Anyway, the birthday celebration was at a restaurant set up by a Malay entrepreneur and his group of investors in Telok Ayer called Royz Et Vous and I actually could not remember the name until I had to write this post and looked up for it via google, haha.

It's a french restaurant and while the menu was pretty limited and since it's a restaurant, of course expect restaurant prices although a budget of around $30 or even lesser is considered still okay for a restaurant setting like this. It's the experience that counts because we don't always have this type of French restaurant as a halal establishments for muslims in Singapore. And we're also proud of the fact we're supporting a successful Malay entrepreneur.

And this is where it gets interesting. Apparently, my former classmate knew the guy from 20 years back from her former workplace. While it didn't end well, they are on better terms now after the quick intro at the restaurant when we were about to make a move. He gave each of us a free onde-onde cake and you can see the one that we shared from the picture below. It was really good! Sinful of course, but what's life without some sugar and spice :)

I won't say much about what was the relationship between the two but you know, everything happens in life for a reason. 

My two former group mates and now friends for life are really chatty and while I'm really the opposite of them, as and when, I get to chat with them and listen to their very interesting stories that made the time goes by so fast. Before we know it, we were there for like two hours. 

So here are the pics below and as usual, I will have them printed for memory keeping. I just realized I haven't been printing photos for this year except for the New Year countdown. My bad. I was so caught up with test, projects and exams that my life practically halted, lol. Still trying to get used to it though. 

Until my next post!

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