i Light Festival Marina Bay 2016

Last Monday, my brother and I went on our 4th i Light Festival which started at 7.30pm and end at 11pm. It's a very interesting concept that is not only free but intriguing as well for the visitors as the art installations educate the visitors on the different perspectives on light and shadows through their installations. Some of them are also interactive as the visitors get to be part of the exhibit, for instance, the angel wings with interchanging neon lights, where they get to take instagram worthy pics. There was one where a visitor can have a karaoke session and another which played music based on movement as they walk underneath a row of lamps hung above them. Other installations also made use of movement, vibration and even the atmosphere for them to come alive.  It's seriously fun and you can enjoy the more than 20 exhibits under the cool night breeze. 

Another interesting factor for this year is that more than 50% are from Singaporeans while the rest are international. See, we can be very creative as well and we're not just workaholics who work for the money, haha. While I didn't get to see all of them, because we would have to walk pretty far as they were not really close together, so far what I liked was this dome like structure with lights that changed colours from the outside and on the inside, the dome was actually made of mirrors in hexagon like shapes. Actually we were viewing the dome from the outside and we didn't realize that actually until someone mentioned to us as a matter of fact that the opening of the dome was actually on the other side. So in other words, we  had been viewing from the backside instead, lol! 

Once we entered, we were greeted with a wall of mirrors and instant reaction was to take a selfie, hehe.

If you're in Singapore or intending to visit Singapore, do come and see the art installations because it's free admission anyway. More deets below when you visit the website and the festival is on until 27 March 2016.


As for now, enjoy the pictures below!

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