Why Do We Love the Bad Boys

I'm such a fanatic. If I'm into something, I get seriously obsessive with it like I got to watch it every single time. And I will watch the same thing again and again and somehow, it will latch on to me like it's the thing that excites me most and also as a form of motivation for me when I do something and I promise myself I will watch it on youtube as reward, lol.

Currently, I'm into watching this Taiwan drama that is not as well, dramatic, with silly or 'meh' storylines which I think they're writing just to make fanatics like me go ballistic because it's what we wanna see. But overall, I just like the couple. They're so cute together and yes, typically, one is a bad guy and the other, a nerdy one that falls for this bad guy.

And the thing is, he reciprocated back and then, of course there are challenges because girls who used to throw themselves at him, sabotaged the nerd thinking eurgh, thought you can do better than this and not another of your 'toys' to play with.

Anyway, the point is, why do people love these bad guys so much? The one who is rude, shows attitude, swears, smokes and yet, ends up being the romantic type. 


Haha, first world problems.

Let's analyze this. Perhaps, there is this excitement of being in the ride of your life being with such a person like your life isn't as boring and drab because the bad guy obviously don't give a hoot what others tell them.  They just do what they please. And then as earlier mentioned, they upped the game by being a sweet mushy guy from nowhere, who gives you undivided love despite what others say that the two of you are just not perfect together.  To him, he knows what is right or wrong for him so who cares about the rest.

Pretty much like this drama. Sometimes, he plays cold and sometimes, he becomes so sweet...and then back to being cold again :S like what gives. But he ends up falling in love with the one he initially found super annoying when he was being 'pursued' and finding true love because he values honesty which was given to him from the start of the pursuit. 

There's no pretentious thing going on like the rest of the girls who sweet talk just want to sleep with him and get him to be the boyfriend.

Me personally? Do I like the bad boys type? Tricky. I just want to be treated with respect 100% and not be given attitude every now and then as though I owe him one. I also want him to treat others with respect too. You know, I'm worth much more than that and that you don't command for respect from others, you simply earn them.

Okay, back to my obsession now.

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