Are You Beautiful or Average

I was waiting for the video to load and they showed this in the ad and in one of the very very rare times, I did not skip the ad because I found it intriguing. Dove is well known for its beauty in all sizes types of ad where they make women feel confident about themselves, no matter what body shape they are in. Naturally as women, we have insecurities and while men do have it as well, we tend to be more emotional about it especially when exposed to constant reminders how beauty is supposed to be based on what the society at large envisions it.

Surprisingly, as we mature, we think that this silly comparison may dwindle down as we get ourselves in a level that we are comfortable with. Personally, I thought only single women would feel like this, more than married women as they have found the love of their life, so basically there's less effort to dress up to impress as everything seems settled. But turns out, I was wrong. Married women, just as much as single women, have insecurities as well when they feel they may lose their husband to other women deemed to be more attractive than them or when their husband still generates interest from the opposite sex despite their marital status.

I've since been more comfortable in my own skin and concentrate on being healthier and dressing up a little bit more, even when I'm rushing. There are of course moments of insecurities but I tell myself to just let it be you know, because I'm better than that. If people can't accept it, then too bad. I also feel that a bit of make up can do wonders as well and wearing clothes that fit well can boost one's self confidence. Some women even swear by the shoes they wear, especially heels, but there are women who dislike make up but still dress to impress, whichever makes you feel good about yourself. 

But other than the physical aspect, more importantly, respect yourself, your mind and your body. Don't put yourself down because we women are capable of many many things. We are beautiful in so many ways. What's the point of having outer beauty when your inside beauty is so ugly. Don't feed yourself with negative words that tell you that you're not beautiful or not good enough for others to even open their eyes to see what we've got. We deserve more respect than that silly negative mindset.

We hold many roles in our life, as a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister and so on. On top of that, we have to hold down a job, take care of our family and even furthering our studies for a better future. We have come a long way since the time women were banned from voting, not allowed to get an education and only seen as someone to pro-create with.

We give all we've got and we're damn good at that. We work hard while trying to stay sane and keep things together.

So to all the ladies, there are no two choices about it. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. 

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