Hung up With Competition...& Beating Them in their Game

I was feeling quite dejected this week, feeling as though I'm losing my abilities in running an online shop successfully. I felt as though my competitors are doing so much better, and then thinking that they have more friends to spread the news around about their humble online venture as well as a wide social network. In the first place, I don't have that wide network and my group of friends is well, very very small. How widespread I can get.

But I watched a video from a local niche blogger who is doing very very well right now, as a life coach and I truly enjoy reading her personal development articles online. I would link up below. The turning point that I felt was when they did a video on her and unlike other bloggers who write just as well but mainly doing it for fame and money, she basically plunge into this because she wants to help others reach their maximum potential. The money that comes in are of course good that she's able to retire at the age of 28 only. However, money is the result of her doing what she loves. She's not after material possessions because she can't bring along with her when she dies. She would rather lead a meaningful life knowing that she has played a part in helping others succeed as well. 

So from then, I realized why am I so hung up about the competitors. Good that they are doing well. But I should think more in terms of how can I add value to my online business. I've been wanting to explore making this box card and I saw potential in making money from it. But the measurements kinda put me off. But I'm determined to make it work of course. I struggled with the tri-fold card but it has since been one of my best selling cards.

I'm hoping to make it successful too because I want to run this online shop until I die, haha. It's not something I get into to make quick bucks. I enjoy the process of running it, receiving orders, answering emails, making the product and basically keep myself busy doing something I love. Of course the passion is not always there because it can be rather tiring with the full day job and part-time night studies. But the willingness of me to wake up earlier shows how dedicated I am in making sure I bring in the orders and hopefully to take this shop to another level.

So who cares about the competition. Sure they need not be totally ignored. I should be thinking in terms of value and how else can I improve rather than be so hung up on them. Competition can either bring in the good or ugly side of your business, depending on the individual running it.

Let's hope for the best and reach our highest potential in life.

Here's the video as promised and the link below to the blog.

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