Resuming My Studies (Module 4)

This week has been SUPER tiring and that's because I had resumed my studies which means going for night classes. In other words, dragging my ass to school after work finishes at 6 plus for another close to three hours of lectures and tutorials, hehe. But I have an awesome company and while I don't really talk much with them but they're really friendly and funny so it was a great  pleasure meeting up with them again after our break of more than two months.

Last Tuesday was the birthday celebration of one of my classmates and as she was a good friend of two of my other classmates, they wanted to throw a surprise celebration for her so they bought her a cake. That aside, it was also a happy reunion as we talked about how our first lesson with this lecturer was boring to the max which caused us all to almost fall asleep, lol! Oh gosh, how now. 

Anyway, with such an awesome company, we can pull through this and support one another as we go through another round of the module with lectures, tutorials, projects, written assignments, tests and exams. That's like, me already. No no, don't think too much about it. As there is only one examinable module this time and while I usually do better for exams than tests since they carry a higher percentage, now I cannot escape with getting sub par results with ICA (tests) and projects already. So I gotta ace all the way through. Dunno how but somehow, I'll find a way to manage amidst my busy schedule. If you want something badly, like getting good marks, you will find the time to sit down and study smart.

Here are some pics from our Wednesday's tea break and our wacky poses! :)

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