Positivity Despite the Setbacks

While in the midst of my guilt this morning recalling the amount I spent yesterday, and in the middle of writing a blog post, I came to realize that I should learn to turn it around and see the positive side of things instead by viewing them as investment to make better things that will possibly see me rake in more money through my online shop. It's something that I have set myself to do until the end and in order to sustain my  business, I need to invest in useful things that will help me to set myself apart from other local card designers in the same line as me. 

I have also began to review my inspiration book again and how I've not opened the book for more than a week even though I am supposed to read it everyday to get the 'engine' going on how I want to lead my life in line with my life purposes and goals. While I think I have got them all in my head, they are merely sketchy thoughts that I don't fully work on daily by incorporating the things I have to do to get ahead in life.

While I was on facebook, I stumbled upon a link to an article on a Singaporean who suffers from multiple illnesses since young which have grown worse as she became an adult. From her intense suffering, she ever entertained thoughts of committing suicide. While that is against my religion, I did at one time felt so down and out that I questioned my existence on earth. Why did I ever live when I'm feeling so helpless like I don't know what else I can do as if I am on my wits end financially and how to continue to support my family if I remain like this.

I still experience down times but instead of harping on the bad things, when I got the chance to turn it around, I don't allow myself to go back to the time I was struggling like mad. I channel my efforts to make things better and be more self aware on what I should be doing.

There are people who experience worse things than us. While I think that we have our own problems to think about as well, and as much as I want to symphatize with some people's undesirable situations, I felt that they have been given the chances, sometimes multiple times, to turn things around. 

Instead, what they do is to shoot themselves in the foot and make themselves go spiralling down again. They have the mentality that they have a back up plan even though it's not a very good one especially when it involves other people who are too nice to turn down their requests.

Why do we always have to rely on other people so much when we ourselves can act independently. People are nice enough to offer help but when they keep offering, and then it amounts to nothing like you're not doing anything on your part to improve your current situation, things can turn sour from there.

I admire this Singaporean woman's spirit. Life hasn't been kind to her and yet, she chose to live a positive life like setting up a business, dolling herself up and every time she is dealt with another bad news regarding her health, she doesn't let it get in her way of continuing to take care of her loved ones who have been her pillar of support.

Read on for the full post on her courageous spirit in how she remains positive despite her poor health.

Pretty in Pain

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