Resetting My Life for a Better Purpose

I felt guilt stricken that I spent $60 the day before when all I wanted to do was spend at least $10 or at most $20 in order to qualify for the free make and take as taught by a papercrafter that I am a fan of her works. I had also gone to another scrapbooking store which I had signed up for and therefore entitled to a free make and take. This make and take is an art creation that you make on the spot as guided by the designer which you can then take home. It comes with terms and condition, for example spending a certain amount or buying certain products to qualify.

I knew that they would entitle us to a discount coupon when we collect the set of coupons. What I didn't anticipate was that I would have to spend a minimum of $60 in order to qualify for the 40% off in this store. So cunning of them, haha. And 'best' still, I carried the ATM card which my brother was supposed to hold me and which also hold most of my savings. 

The other store had a 30% off discount too and I was smart enough this time, to carefully pick my items and not to be swayed by the counter person asking me to look for more items coz since you know, it's 30% off. I did shop around again but I thought carefully on what I really wanted and in the end, picked up a small bottle of glitter glue or stickles that cost $3.95 before discount. I think she gave the look of, what..that is it? Lol..

For the first store, I felt guilty because I wasn't supposed to spend much but then I figured if I don't spend, I am wasting on a good discount. While I am thankful I didn't go overboard, $60 is still quite a big amount since I have two upcoming events that require money. One is a birthday treat for a friend and another is a shopping trip in Johor Bahru. Oh, man. I should have planned ahead. Then in the later evening, I was also supposed to check out this fast food restaurant that was recently halal-certified and therefore spent another $20. With groceries and plus a drink from Coffee Bean, I spent $100 yesterday.

I tried to console myself that it's not all the time that they offered such hefty discount and that I told myself that I am only allowed to spend a bit more especially on those more expensive items if there are discounts. And that fast food restaurant, it was new to us and we wanted to try their food for the longest time. 

Therefore now, I am concentrating my efforts on earning income and visiting my goals again. While the first week of school has left me tired when I get back home, and that I find myself spending too much time watching on this Chinese drama, even though I watched every episode multiple times, it's time to get back on track.

So today, after I woke up, I wanted to re-affirm my life purpose and goals. I haven't touched the exercise book which I had written down my life purposes, my goals and how to reach them for more than a week. This book is my inspiration book as I use it to write inspirational notes as well. I am supposed to use it, on a daily basis. But I got busy and I know that's no excuse.

From today, I shall be more aligned with my life purpose and goals by concentrating my time and energy on them better on a daily basis. I know I wrote multiple times on how focused I want to lead my life by not wasting energy on unnecessary things and even people. However, I am mostly NATO (No Action Talk Only).

I've since spent my morning on the exercise book by reading my goals and life purposes, writing two blog posts and planning my day ahead. Life is short and instead of focusing how much money I have spent the day before, I shall look forward to making what I had spent on from the shops to earn a good side income. I call it 'investment' and I KNOW this investment will rake in money for me if I allocate a good amount of time and energy on it. 

Wish you a Good Sunday ahead!

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