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Dinner at Nando's + A Review

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid restaurant review

I told myself that if I at least got an A for one of the subjects I was sitting for in exams, due to my carelessness..or rather forgetfulness, I shall treat myself to Nando's. Coz I simply love this place. Their food is awesome and it's no wonder, this place is often packed although the queue isn't often not that long unless there are a lot of hungry people around. Their flame grilled marinated Peri Peri chicken is succulent and you get to choose the sauce level and if you choose it as a set, you can have two different side dishes. 

I often choose their Mediterranean rice as one of the side dishes. Their rice is soft and fluffy and it's a great compliment to their marinated boneless butterfly chicken which is always my pick because I couldn't be bothered with bones. And it's not a small pathetic looking chicken but a hearty one so it's really value for money, both with the side dishes, that costs me less that $20.00

If you have chosen their sauce level but want to be experimental with the other sauces, you can actually help yourself with their other variety of sauces depending on whether you want it mild or hot. Beware that their hot peri-peri can be too spicy for your liking but I'm alright with it although I need tissues on standby and then my gungho-ness is shortlived as I then grabbed the milder version, hehe.

For the drinks, if you think plain water is too drab but yet you still want to save money, they do serve bottomless drinks in which if you have finished your drinks (thanks to keeping the spiciness at bay), they will refill the drinks for you upon request or when they think you need another glass. Cool, right? I guess they figured out we most certainly need it, lol.

As you need to wait between 10 to 15 minutes before your chicken is served, you can also order their appetizers if you're feeling peckish. I like their hummus and pitas. For some 'kick' in your hummus, there is a tinge of the Peri-Peri sauce added. Their grilled pitas are not hard at all and with the hummus, it's a winning combination when you dip the pitas into it. It's like music in your mouth,  man. They have other appetizers too which I believe may be just as good although I normally order the standard fare. If you come in with a few people, they have a platter of a combination of all the appetizers.

You can check out the complete list of menu here.

So far, I've been to the Nando's in Nex and Plaza Singapura. It's a good ambience and they have great customer service too, although calling them for attention maybe quite a challenge, for me at least, because I don't know why...I just think the servers must pay a little bit more attention to the customers if they need to call them. I know they're busy but you know, customers don't just sit down and eat. They do also call for attention to like get their drinks refilled, order additional food or asking for the bill. Almost always, not just Nando's, they'll be busy walking up and down without looking at the customers and just minding their own business.

Okay, rant over. Anyway, overall, if you want to bring your family or friends out, this is a good choice of restaurant. It's also a halal restaurant if you are bringing along your Muslim friends. For their main dish, appetizer and drinks, the bill comes up to about $52.00 which is roughly $25++ for each person (there were two of us) which is reasonable for the food that they serve.

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