Singapore Design Week 2015

I went to a Design exhibit about two weeks ago and it was one of those free events that my brother and I enjoyed going. Somehow, only he seemed to know the going-on in Singapore that involve free events as such because I live under a coconut shell, haha.

Anyway, I thought it was a great discovery because of the uniqueness of design and how people interpret it to include functionality as well. Inspiration truly comes from anywhere and if you look beyond what you see, you can create a vision unlike others. I love designing too and the feeling is just surreal when you start to see the pieces come together for the final product look.

There are also exhibits that work on a tight budget and therefore, the creativity turned up a notch when they used existing recycled materials to turn them into something of function, yet aesthetically pleasing. For example, a sheltered area that can be used as a study area as well as to conduct meetings. Cool, right?

It was also an exhibition celebrating local designs in the span of 50 years in collaboration with SG50. 

Below are just some of the pictures I've taken from the exhibit, at least those that caught my eye. Have a look!

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