A Birthday and an Awesome Friendship

Do you have friendships that are so meaningful that you just will treasure for the rest of your life? If you're lucky enough to have such friendships, please take good care of it. Friends who are not only caring but also supportive and encouraging, are meant to be treasured. For me, that friend of mine celebrated her birthday last Tuesday and we met up with her on Sunday for our annual mini celebration.

This year, she had refused gifts since she said that she is older now and a treat is suffice. I wanted to give her hongbao or red packet money but she refused to take it. Instead, I used the money to pay her for the lunch, bought some cheese fries to share while waiting for our other friend's insurance agent to finish up his paperwork and then the balance to that friend who had bought gifts to her as my share of it. Since we're going to meet another time for her birthday celebration, I would say that well, I shall give her a proper treat then. 

Speaking of birthday celebrations, although her birthday was on Tuesday, she had already been asked out to meet up with different groups of friends. That is how popular she is. You know, how some people are popular for things that well, they shouldn't be proud of, but she's popular simply because she offers such an awesome friendship. Thanks to her, I've begun to make great effort in saving so that I use some some of the savings to find priceless experience like travelling for instance and also for security. 

I believe that her life is perfect because she is such a perfect human being. I know that nobody's perfect but you can be close enough to it. Being loved by family and friends, what more can you ask for. She provides happiness to other people and I believe, she will continue to do so, in years to come and I hope that our friendship will also stand the test of time.

Some pictures from our mini celebration! :)

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